The case of the former tennis player Guillermo Pérez Roldán advances against his father: they order an investigation into him for trafficking in human beings and aggravated sexual abuse

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It all started when the tennis player Guillermo Perez Roldan was encouraged to face his father, Raúl Pérez Roldán, tennis coach and director for years of one of the most successful academies in Argentina, to reduction to servitude, injury and unfaithful administration. This week, the defendant had a new judicial setback: the Federal Chamber of Mar del Plata ordered to proceed with the investigation into a complaint for the crime of rape presented by a former student of her school in Tandil.

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According to the victim’s account, whose identity is preserved and in case he is identified as “X”, the events occurred when “X” was a minor. Similarly, the judges in charge of the case asked to determine whether there was human trafficking.

The student’s accusation was part of the presentation made on August 24, 2022, together with Guillermo Pérez Roldán, before the Federal Court of Azul. In it, the assumption was raised that there was a criminal plan orchestrated by the defendant between the 70s and 80sin which a variety of crimes were committed, ranging from enslavement and mismanagement to injury and sexual abuse.

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In a recent ruling, the maids Diego Eduardo Jimenez and Alejandro Mug aggravated the charge against the defendant and understood that “the prosecution in relation to crimes against sexual integrity (rape and abuse) of which he would have been a victim (…), is in force and allows for the investigation of of them. “

After “X” will expand his statement to the justice and explain in detail that the acts of aggravated abuse have been repeated over timethe magistrates remarked that the “very serious conduct would have been committed in a context of physical violence (blows that would have left her with bruises on her face, fractured rib, etc.) and psychological violence to which she was subjected by an authoritative figure who was your coach sporty.

For this reason, they argue that they should be investigated jointly with the rest of the crimes reported. In this way, the Federal Chamber of Mar del Plata accepted the request of the victims and the Attorney General of Mar del Plata, Dr. Daniel Adler, who had asked that the case not be divided between the federal and local courts.

Given the possibility that other young women have suffered events similar to those reported by G, those who want to give their testimony have been summoned to the post office by the law firm that represents the victims [email protected] or through the page www.jipabogados.comwith the strictest reservations.

This court decision is given almost 6 months after Guillermo Pérez Roldán brought his father to justicewhom he accused of systematically beating him since childhood and then keeping all the money he earned during his professional career.

The tennis player – who won 9 ATP titles and reached 13th place in the world rankings in the late 1980s – generated a strong impact when he made public the torments he was subjected to in an interview with the journalist Sebastián Torok, from La Nación , and then in a documentary series broadcast on the Star+ streaming platform.

Guillermo Pérez Roldán, during the promotion of the documentary Star+.  Photo courtesy BOURKE

Guillermo Pérez Roldán, during the promotion of the documentary Star+. Photo courtesy BOURKE

How was the criminal plan

The joint complaint of Guillermo Pérez Roldán and X. raised the hypothesis that there was a criminal plan by the defendant divided into phases. The first step was the reception of the tennis players among the boys and girls who trained at the Independiente de Tandil club.which over the years had acquired great notoriety for being one of the cradles of elite athletes in Argentina.

So, according to the judicial presentation, his reduction of servitude for the purpose of labor exploitationfacts which included unlawful deprivation of liberty, injury and sexual abuse with carnal access on repeated occasions.

Finally, once the economic gains have been obtained, the last part has arrived: the unfaithful administrationthe seizure of assets and their circulation under the pretext of lawful activities – mainly real estate transactions – which would constitute money laundering.

Guillermo Pérez Roldán, in his tennis years.

Guillermo Pérez Roldán, in his tennis years.

How is the criminal case going?

“After it has been established that time is not an obstacle and that federal justice will carry out the investigation, the phase begins in which we will try to demonstrate, through testimonies and other evidence offered in the initial brief, what the victims claim in their complaint,” explains Dr. Pascual.

Among other measures, It is planned to request referrals to domestic and foreign banks and the revocation of tax and banking secrecy; and the Argentine Tennis Association and sponsors will be asked for data on the income that Guillermo Pérez Roldán had during his professional career, to then compare them with the assets that his father has acquired during all these years.

“This type of events, which also occur in other sports, mainly in individual sports where the perpetrator seeks impunity by being alone in front of the victim, are claimed as aberrations in today’s society and it is intended that they will never happen again , never again.”, concludes the lawyer.

Source: Clarin

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