Gabriel Milito gave a strong response to Riquelme’s opinion on the game of Argentine football

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-What do you think about what Riquelme said, that no Argentine team plays well.

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I think our team plays well. I am very satisfied with the performance in these first four games, I am happy with how we compete, how we play and how we give meaning to the game through possession and how we generate attacks from there. I’m happy with how we dominated our opponents with the ball, I’m happy with how we defend, because it’s also a very important part of playing well. A team that attacks and doesn’t defend goes nowhere. I respect everyone’s opinion. My opinion is that the Argentinians play well.

Thus, in the press conference after the 3-0 defeat against Belgrano, Gabriel Milito He expressed his views and praised his team’s play when asked about Román’s statements last week. In reality, the current Boca vice president didn’t talk about “playing well” but about “playing well”, two different concepts.

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What Riquelme said

Riquelme spoke to the media.  (television capture)

Riquelme spoke to the media. (television capture)

After the great victory against Belgrano, in which both the Argentine and his rival ended up in ten players following the red cards of Redondo and Rébola, Milito once again gave a masterful press conference from a conceptual point of view, with an exhaustive analysis and detailed that usually provides by each party. Here’s how he explained the victory:

“Ten against ten, I think the domain was totally ours. The team was very brilliant today because we managed to associate ourselves very well, we moved a team that few teams up to now have moved like us, we had precision, arrivals, goals arrived… it is to congratulate the players for the commitment they have made. When we were down by one, they had the personality to play. We dominated the match not only territorially but also with the ball, which is our forte. The victory was well deserved and the reward for the effort was reflected in the result. The Argentinos played with great courage and skill to reach the opponent’s goal. Our idea and thinking is to invite players to walk around. We have shown it in these two and a half years that we are together. When we are able to dominate the ball game that is when we generally win”; squeeze.

Regarding what Riquelme said and his stance on “Argentinians play well”, Mariscal quoted other Argentine football clubs: “Racing plays well. River is in a new trial, Martín (Demichelis) has just arrived but is playing well. The tiger plays well. Arsenal, with the new manager, are playing well. If you look at the game in Rosario and analyze the first goal he scored… Against Racing he had to lose but he played the first three games well. At least for my taste. Then it’s like everything else, there’s the debate about what it means to play well and that’s where everyone’s tastes come into play. The way I see football, the teams I’ve named play well for me. And I put the Argentinians in those teams. And I’m sure I’m forgetting a few more.”

In what he shared with Riquelme, with whom he has a very good relationship, is that the interruption of these three months (with the World Cup in between) means that some teams are not yet at their maximum level. “Yes, it’s true that as the dates go by the teams will loosen up more and more because there was a very important break of three months without competing and we know that competition makes you better. Over time, the level of all the teams will grow, but there are some that have a very strong identity, which are the ones I mentioned earlier.”

Source: Clarin

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