Paulo Dybala pleaded over Juventus financial scandal and could be banned from playing for one month

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Paulo Dybala, Roma player, could be sanctioned with a one-month disqualification deportiva for a private negotiation between the player and Juventus of over three million euros, which the prosecutor is investigating as part of the so-called ‘Prisma investigation’, relating to the club’s salary maneuvers in the 2020 financial year.

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The Guardia di Finanza questioned the Argentine for an hour and a half this Tuesday about his final phase at Juventus, in particular on the 3 million euros that the investigators wanted to confirm if ‘Juve’ had paid him and, if they had, on what basis, ‘Repubblica’ reported today.

Article 31 of the Sports Justice Code prohibits clubs from agreeing or paying compensation that violates federation regulations, but also prohibits players from accepting their payment, which if received would result in a ban of no less than one month, the outlet points out. .

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All the research starts from the 2020 financial year, when due to the socio-economic situation generated by the COVID-19 pandemic, ‘Juve’ agreed to defer payments to some players who were not included in that year’s fiscal year.

The Juventus entity has reached an agreement -in March 2020- with the players for which it has waived four months’ salary, so the club’s budget has not been so damaged in the midst of a pandemic.

However, months later, the Public Prosecutor’s Office began investigating this agreement, as it was not a salary waiver, as initially reported by the Italian club, but a deferment of payment for three of the four months’ salaries by private agreement, which is illegal. which meant savings in Juventus’ budget.

Dybala at the time of the Old Lady.  REUTERS/Massimo Pinca Photo

Dybala at the time of the Old Lady. REUTERS/Massimo Pinca Photo

The reason for Dybala’s declaration stems from a request for compensation – made by the player’s lawyer to ‘Juve’ – once the negotiations for a renewal have ended, which did not arrive with the ‘Old Lady’ and ended with his arrival at the club. , his current team.

A compensation proposal for pre-contractual liability of over 3 million that Juventus has included in the new balance sheet as a risk fund, according to the Italian newspaper.

THE figure is similar to the player’s four-month salary during 2020 and that they would have agreed to postpone the 2021 season by private agreement, in a case identical to the one also known as the ‘Secret letter’ of the Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo, a document that ‘Juve’ hid during his day and which he unveiled the agreement between the Turin club and the Portuguese champion.

Dybala’s statement is used by the investigators to find out if there are other agreements made privately and without the consent of the Italian Football Federation (FIGC).

Juventus will face the preliminary hearing on 27 March as part of the ‘Prisma’ operation which investigates wage maneuvers and the ‘capital gains case’ -reason for a 15-point penalty in Serie A-.

Source: Clarin

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