TC2000: Vivian and Pernía took the first two of the year but the scare came from Stang, with no brakes in the middle of the straight

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He TC2000 seeks its identity in this national motorsport which, like so many activities in the country, fights against a economic context challenging, with many complications.

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And the category more technological del país tries to maintain its privileged place within the local motor sport, with the application of other ideas that seek to activate the magnetism that the discipline has been able to display.

In a devalued restart, without pilots (Agostino Canapino who left Argentina to race in US IndyCar, or the same Matthias Rossiwhich this year almost couldn’t fit into the category) the TC2000 now focuses on the double activity on Sunday, with two finals, a formula it used in other times.

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And now with two skills, two protagonists: Leonel Perniawith Renault, e Franco Vivianowith Chevrolet, were the winners of the racetrack Oscar and Juan Gálvez, from the city of Buenos Aires.

Performance is not guaranteed by quantity. In fact, the first final was much more fun than the second. She had it all. Up front, Vivian defended herself from Marques’ attacks, until the youngster from Cordoba finally took the lead in the competition.

Renault’s pace was superior, but Vivian also intelligently “launched” shots from push to passThinking about the second race. However, another situation was the trigger for the final result of the TC2000’s inaugural competition of the year: the exceeding the maximum speed (80 km/h) in the resumption of the race, for which Marques, winner on the track, was finally sanctioned with 10 seconds. What was his first win in the category eventually dropped to 10th in qualifying.

The joy of Franco Vivian, winner of the Gálvez.  Photo: Instagram.

The joy of Franco Vivian, winner of the Gálvez. Photo: Instagram.

“The truth is that Facundo (Marques) did a great job, but the relaunch was very evident. I don’t like this kind of win, but wins are wins. 10 days ago these cars were lying in a shed and now we have arrived and we have won,” commented Franco Vivian, who took his fourth success in the TC2000.

Finally, the first podium was made up of Vivian, Berni Llaver (Honda) and Leonel Pernía (Renault).

the race threw a terrible accidentwith the cars of the TC2000 Series (now competing in the same races as the higher category), with Emiliano Stanwho ran out of brakes, and in a very fast area, at more than 210 km/h, collided with Tiago Pernía’s car.

Among the main protagonists, the abandonment of Facundo Ardussodue to a fuel pressure problem, he sidelined one of the title candidates.

In the remaining final, Pernía took the lead in the opening meters and was unstoppable from there, proving why he is the last champion of the category.

The cars of Tiago Pernía and Emiliano Stang, off the track.  Photo: Catch TV.

The cars of Tiago Pernía and Emiliano Stang, off the track. Photo: Catch TV.

In second place Julián Santero, always protagonist in the discipline with the Toyota Gazoo Racing Corolla, while Facundo Marques got rid of the thorn in the first Final and conquered his first podium in the TC2000.

Vivian concluded an excellent weekend with fourth place, followed by Berni Llaver, Nacho Montenegro, Facundo Ardusso and Josito Di Palma, who entered the category.

The 2023 season has been launched for the TC2000. With the removal of the ballast system (a very good decision in the face of something that went wrong in 2022) and with the desire of the leadership in look for alternatives which enhance the many advantages that the category has.

Champion Leonel Pernía, winner of the second in Gálvez.  Photo: Instagram.

Champion Leonel Pernía, winner of the second in Gálvez. Photo: Instagram.

The next appointment will be Raffaella. The layout of Santa Fe is always challenging, part of good options to appeal to traditional settings with the aim of generating good shows.

Other hits that scared everyone

There was an accident involving three riders on Saturday National Formula: Tiago Bettino, Gastón Irazú and Santiago Baztarrica. On Sunday there was another episode that made those at the Buenos Aires racetrack crawl.

It was in TC2000 Series, who now share the track in the same TC2000 races. Emiliano Stang ran out of brakes and at about 210 km/h hit the car of Tiago Pernía.

stang he was referred to a clinic in the city, to be subjected to revisions, while Leonel Pernía’s son commented: “It was a heavy blow, very bad. This has never happened to me. Stang ran out of brakes and hit me sideways. Luckily I know he’s okay.”

In the TC2000 series, the Cordovan Matthew Polakovich he had a perfect weekend, taking both victories.

In SS2000, rookie Isidoro Vezzaro was also hit hard from behind at the end of the main straight and crashed into the retaining wall.

Source: Clarin

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