De Paul entered into a spicy debate: “This selection is the best of all time”

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The debate opened this morning in Clarin. “Was Scaloneta the best team in history?” asks Luis Vinker in a note where he analyzes the team led by Lionel Messi at the World Cup in Qatar and compares it with different groups that achieved the maximum goal within of their discipline: starting with the Menotti and Bilardo teams, champions at the World Cup of Argentina 1978 AND Mexico 1986until you reach the golden generation who won the gold medal at the Athens Olympic Games, leaving behind nothing less than the Dream Team itself.

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Hours later, Rodrigo De Paul offered a note to TyC Sports from Madrid and completed the answer that was given this morning in this same section: “We were the best national team in history,” said the ex Racing without prejudice .

“I think in the end we have become, forgive me all, the best national team our country has ever had”DePaul said. And then he moved on to the genesis of the team, reflecting on Lionel Scaloni’s work: “He did everything from the basics, it’s a set of things that he generated in the team. He taught 19 players to wear the national team shirt, with the help of the captain and the experienced boys. But the most important thing it has generated is camaraderie, we are very close friends inside the stadium and on the pitch. And a very harmonious bond has been generated, which is not easy when there are so many numbers, but it is It has always been a very clear thing, that the important thing is the national team and we all understood what our piece was in that puzzle”.

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De Paul took a piece of the net from the Lusail Stadium goal, where the final was being played.  Photo: AFP

De Paul took a piece of the net from the Lusail Stadium goal, where the final was being played. Photo: AFP

The player explained the reasons for his energetic statement: “I’m not saying this from ego, far from it. I think the national team had better players than any of us who make up this one, but as a team we beat all the defending champions there wasthe last American champion (Brazil), the last European champion (Italy) and the last world champion (France).

Furthermore, he detailed all the negative streaks that the team ended up breaking with Scaloni since his arrival as coach of La Selección: “It wasn’t easy, we qualified without losing, we won in Bolivia after 15 yearswe won in Peru after I don’t know how long, we broke the record for undefeated matches. As a team, this national team has achieved something extremely important and also the bond with the public… People saw that we were fans who had the possibility to defend the shirt.”

Finally, he clarified that simply spoke without the intention of generating a controversy in Argentina. “I don’t want anyone to get mad at me because Argentina has an extremely important and rich history,” said the Racing outlet.

The team’s joke with Messi on the “Anda pa’ allá bobo”.

The World Cup has given all Argentines unforgettable moments and also some situations that have gone viral on social networks, which however do not escape being seen by the players themselves. The world champion midfielder referred to them alluding to how they use them: “We are half boludones, we send each other, we laugh”.

Also one of the highlights was the unforgettable “Anda pa’allá bobo” that Messi commented after the stunning victory against the Netherlands in the quarter-finals. Therefore, when the Atlético de Madrid player recalled that moment, it was impossible for him not to remember the times they sent a WhatsApp sticker with the image of the Argentine star saying the phrase. Likewise, this kind of fun doesn’t get much support from the captain as he doesn’t like them too much

“We don’t spend it that much because we know he doesn’t like seeing himself like this, but of course we told him that there are stickers that we send to the WhatsApp group”, confessed the one who left Racing. And he added: “But the topic hasn’t been discussed so much. With ‘Anda pa’ alla bobo ‘we haven’t messed up a lot”.

Source: Clarin

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