Despite the controversy, Dabove and Insua gave each other an exemplary hug and had similar views on the classic

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They were eventually seen embracing, despite the overall warmth both teams finished with. Diego Dabove AND Reuben Insua lead by example and also They agreed that the 1-1 draw was the result closest to what they saw at Tomás Adolfo Ducó.

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“It was played like a classic and had the atmosphere of a classic,” began the Huracán coach of the way this always spicy neighborhood derby was experienced. “In the first half we were relegated alone and this helped San Lorenzo, who found an equalizer. It was an even game, controlled by us, but even. In the second half we went a little more”, Dabove then analyzed.

El Gallego had his say: “It was even and contested. We are both used to pressing in midfield. The result went well. The Huracán is well trained and requires a lot of you physically with a direct game”. Under Insua, the Cyclone continues to lead the local tournament and went four dates unbeaten, with three wins and one draw. Furthermore, Gallego has not lost any of the classics he played against Huracán as manager: he has won three and equaled this one.

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“We played an orderly match in the collective. There was friction in the one-on-ones and that took the pace out of the game. We knew how to react and equalize it,” said Ruben Darío. And he complained to the referee about the penalty against him: “The one who took Pérez off his shirt was Cóccaro, too bad the VAR didn’t see him again. It’s very clear in the replay.”

For his part, Dabove, who remains undefeated with his Globe this year, comments on the controversies and the arbitration: “I have little to say about the referee. I have not seen the penalty. The uproar was normal for a classic. We try to separate and not create more disturbances. He might not have kicked anyone out because he could have kicked three on each side.”

Source: Clarin

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