A historic Boca supporter has complained that he was threatened at the Bombonera for criticizing the management

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The famous campaign speaker of Mouth Daniel Mollo reported this Monday that he had been crushed by four people and thrown out of the Bombonera broadcast booth for his criticism of the management of Jorge Ameal and Juan Roman Riquelme. As the reporter explained, a woman and three men were present in the stadium’s press area and rudely “invited” him to leave his seat to “not being aligned with the current management”.

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What happened to Mollo alla Bombonera?

Daniel Mollo.  (Clarin archive)

Daniel Mollo. (Clarin archive)

According to Mollo’s account, the event occurred “one minute before the start of the broadcast” and spawned “want to cry”, even if he still decided to go on the air and tell the game before Defense and Justice. “I’ll apologize if I have the worst story of my life, but we’ll move on. Look, in San Martín (his neighborhood) I’ve seen things and toured the fields of the world, but I’ve never experienced that in all the years I’ve been I’ve been in journalism for years,” Mollo told Radio del Plata (AM 1030), as the musical curtain from the film The Godfather played in the background.

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“It’s not easy to get into the game, we’ll certainly have some official words in a while to find out what’s happening today at Boca, and why they want to overturn the opinion that you want to exercise freely. Today’s image (for this Monday), of to send a young lady to whom nothing can be said, because if it is not considered gender violence, with three people with their arms crossed, none of whom have identified themselves, inviting me to another place, it is madness. They have come to kick us out of this booth because we are not aligned with this direction. If they do it to me in another club, I understand it, but this is a stab, bordering on censorship”, Mollo unloaded sadly.

And he gave details of what happened in the booth: “Four people came to the booth, some with a nasty attitude, like looking at you, to say we had to leave. They asked that no opponents could speak, they wanted to set the schedule for us. Blas Giunta intervened on the Vélez field the other day, acknowledging the greatness of Riquelme for having been able to work for Boca. A note that we repeated on Monday and that I, as director of the Puro Boca portal, reported there as well”.

Mollo, in turn, wished that “it was all the idea of ​​some adventurer, who understands none of this.” And he said that two people from the club’s press office expressed their solidarity with him. and they promised to investigate what had happened after the game.

Source: Clarin

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