Mechi Margalot’s microphone remained open and he issued a complaint with an on-air rant on ESPN

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These things happen on television. Live streaming has these things, hard to control, that have happened a thousand times and will continue to happen. There is no artificial intelligence capable of correcting it. And it happened inside ESPNone of the leading signs on the market for technique and professionalism.

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This week, in the middle of a summary dedicated to Indian wells, the Masters tennis tournament that opens the tour of white sport in the United States. But the one left blank was Mercedes Mechi margalotthe former Lionessemblem of women’s field hockey and now host of the channel owned by Disney.

Mechi’s microphone remained open, and without knowing she was on the air, she was overheard making a complaint to a backstage operator. Ironically, the former player (Olympic silver in Sydney 2000 and double Olympic bronze in Athens 2004 and Beijing 2008) ended up getting what she was asking for.

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“What, Tom… It’s all right, idiot, but you can’t leave us naked. You can’t hit us without warning us that you’re hitting us, idiot…”says Mechi in the very short 14 seconds it took her to find her voice airing.

The clarification is worth it. “Strike out,” in television terms, refers to putting someone or something in front of the camera. In his statement, Mechi simply asks “Tom” not to put her in the shot without telling him, which is understandable in terms of live dynamics.

The video quickly went viral Chirping and the reactions were aimed more at grace than at controversy, as is fitting. Knowing the “behind the scenes” of TV is always a source of interest for the general public, even if it is a small situation, which can happen in any workplace.

With her effortless style and extensive knowledge of the sport, Mechi has become one of the leading voices on women’s hockey, especially when it comes to playing Las Leonas.

He proved it last year when he had to cover the World Cup, which saw the Argentina national team conclude a great tournament that could not be perfect as they met the unbeatable Netherlands in the final.

With pure passion, Mechi stood out by telling the daily life of Argentine girls, as if she still lived it on the field. So she left her reflected in her nets, where she spoke of that special feeling that the Albiceleste generates in him.

“I understand life as a constant search between passion and reason. The truth is that at the end of the road, the soul guides me and the heart can me. And as much as I try to regulate it, it always wins me over,” wrote Mecchi . A lioness.

Source: Clarin

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