Ja Morant scandal in the NBA: after he showed a weapon, a video appeared with a stripper on a “mattress” of dollars

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Ja Morantstar of the Memphis Grizzlies, has been at the center of the scene for a week after being shown with a weapon in a live video on his Instagram account. The franchise suspended him for two partiesbefore, to which you added four more later. The NBA, for its part, opened an investigation to evaluate the behavior of the 23-year-old basketball player and this Sunday they met more details of checkout night at a Denver nightclub.

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There were two times Morant visited “Shotgun Willie’s” in Glendale, Colorado. He March 2ndhours after home-beating the Houston Rockets with his team, Morant landed in Denver, arrived with a friend and two security guards at the scene, and entered through the back door, the portal posted Sunday. New York Post.

NBA star Ja Morant in a bowling alley with a stripper.  Photo: Video Capture - New York Post

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NBA star Ja Morant in a bowling alley with a stripper. Photo: Video Capture – New York Post

Pay 900 dollars to reserve the VIP space for three hours. “The player got horny, paid for four dancers and drink service, and devoured a variety of food including smoked wings, two plates of chicken and fries, and a churrasco.”detailed the American media about Morant, who is married and has a daughter.

Video captures from a security camera accessed by this New York medium show Morant sitting in an armchair, with a stripper in her underwear dancing on her knees. The whole place is full of dollar bills that act as a mattress and which then became the tip of the bowling alley employees.

NBA star Ja Morant in a bowling alley with a stripper.  Photo: Video Capture - New York Post

NBA star Ja Morant in a bowling alley with a stripper. Photo: Video Capture – New York Post

“The whole room was filled with money, literally a lot. You need a rake”an employee of the club said, as published by NYP.

The point guard, who signed a five-year extension deal with the Grizzlies last year that could be worth up to $231 million,

Two days later, Morant went for round two. It was in the early hours of Saturday, March 4, after Memphis lost 113-97 to Denver, with the player accumulating 23 points.

That day, Morant started a live video and it was noted that he had a gun in one hand. “I’m going through a lot right now, so I’m going to act [como] a fool and risk the lives of others”She said.

Deborah Dunafon, majority owner of the dance venue, said she and police officers reviewed security footage from Morant’s second night and said “no one saw a gun”. And Glendale Police said they investigated Morant but determined there wasn’t enough evidence to charge him with a crime.

However, after the public outcry over the live stream of the weapon, Morant apologized to his team and the public for his actions.

The NBA is investigating Morant and could fine him with a long suspension if you are caught carrying a firearm on team premises. “Our investigation is ongoing”the spokesman of the best league in the world said on Saturday, Mike Basso.

The Instagram ruling is the latest in a string of troubling off-the-court antics plaguing the two-time All-Star’s rapid rise in the league.

Ja Morant has a star life in court, but her private life goes from scandal to scandal.

Ja Morant has a star life in court, but her private life goes from scandal to scandal.

A long series of accusations

This new case comes just three days after the Washington Post reported more complaints against Morant.

The facts date back to last summer, when within four days Morant was accused of threatening a member of the security forces of a Memphis shopping center during an altercation, and of threatening a 17-year-old boy with a gun. a fight during a basketball game at the player’s home.

The brawl in the mall parking lot with a member of law enforcement resulted in a police report from the alleged victim, but no arrests were made.

Alleged threats to a minor

Four days later, Morant was accused of “repeatedly hitting the head” of the minor and throwing him to the ground. Police verified the injuries caused by the shots, according to the ‘Washington Post’.

The boy also assured police that, after the fight, Morant went to his home with “a visible gun” in his pants and with his hands on his gun.

Also, on Feb. 6, it was learned that Morant’s entourage was under investigation by the NBA after he was accused by the Indiana Pacers of aiming a red laser, possibly from a weapon, at members of his coaching staff after an altercation on 29 January. in Memphis.

The NBA has assured through a spokesman that its investigators have questioned several witnesses and reviewed the images recorded by the security cameras and that, while confirming that there was a strong altercation, for the moment they cannot “confirm that some people have threatened others with a gun”. “

At the Grizzlies-Pacers game on January 29, Morant got into a third period altercation with Chris Duarte, and after the game, the Grizzlies leader confronted visiting team members in the bus area.

Source: Clarin

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