Lucas Beltrán and his great moment: he scored 4 goals in 3 games, but goes red against Julián Álvarez

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In the three games last week he scored four goals: the two yesterday against Godoy Cruz, one against Racing de Córdoba and the other against Lanús. Lucas Beltrán is in a state of grace. By dint of scoring goals (he has 10 goals in 50 games with the red armband) and great performances, he has earned his place and today is River’s most decisive striker.

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I’m very happy with this run of goals, but also because the team has found the way it works. This way it is easier to have options for the conversion. And then I’m happy because we gave people joy, that even if it’s 40 degrees, they always arrive”, commented Beltrán on the Monumental court, after the end of Godoy Cruz’s defeat by River. And he added: “We work constantly, we always try to improve because this is a group that is not satisfied with anything. And we continue to work forward.”

It’s not the first time they’ve brought reinforcements to River on offense and then ends up playing a kid from the Underworld. It happened once with Fernando Cavenaghi, for example. Or with Julian Álvarez. And now it’s happening with Beltrán, who is winning the fight against Colombian Miguel Borja and Venezuelan Salomón Rondón.

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“I always try to push myself every day in training, that’s my trait. And we have very healthy competition between all of us. And I know there will always be an opportunity to play,” admitted the Córdoba-born goalscorer.

Beltrán’s face was red from exertion and from the heat. But he turned redder when they compared him to Julián Álvarez, since it does a similar job within the court. “Ehh… Could be… But you have to say it (for journalists). I have a great friendship with Juli, we shared the pension for a long time, and playing in Bassa and Riserva we complemented each other very well”, the 21-year-old from Cordoba, who will turn 22 on March 29, recognized with a certain shyness.

Beltrán scored two goals and was River’s figure against Godoy Cruz. The first, after a great personal definition, in which he combined good control of the ball, a feint, a half turn and a caress of the ball with the inside of his right foot, to put it against Ruso Rodríguez’s far post, the goalkeeper Godoy Cruz.

The second, from the penalty spot, the one who kicked with conviction and confidence. He could have converted a hat-trick, but Esequiel Barco took the ball from him to take another penalty, which became River’s third goal. “He grabbed It and was persuaded to kick, ha.” This is how Beltrán said goodbye. With a grin from ear to ear, after his big night at the Monumental.

Source: Clarin

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