England, rivals of Los Pumas at the World Cup, are experiencing an absolute crisis

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A little less than six months after the match between Argentina and Englandwhich will mark the debut of both teams in the Rugby World Cup in France On September 9, the British squadron fails to lift its head. What in the newspapers was pointed out as the fiercest rival of Cougars in group D he experienced a 2022 with poor results and, with a new coach, this year he hoped to change history. But the crushing defeat 53 to 10 first France In twickenhamfor the fourth date of six nationsconfirmed that the team of the Rose lives one of the worst moments in its history. And, if you listen to the harsh criticism this fall has aroused in the British media, the crisis goes far beyond sport.

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“Humility has not always been the main characteristic associated with the RFU, but large doses of it are now needed as English rugby is in no better shape than troubled Wales rugby. If the union’s priorities and structures are not reformed , at least another decade awaits us in the desert”, the newspaper Keeper.

“Perhaps this defeat is the rude awakening needed to alert the RFU to the extent of the rot that has occurred on and off the pitch. Because, increasingly, it doesn’t seem to matter who manages England, which players they choose, how they try to play or even the volume of noise their supporters make. Now a bigger picture becomes apparent: English rugby needs to be rescued from its gentrification, shortsightedness and underperformance,” the outlet continued.

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And he assured: “The channeling of talent has too many cracks and the coordinated development of players between 17 and 23 continues to be an area of ​​constant frustration. Perhaps the Premiership (Editor’s note: The English league, considered one of the best on the planet) He’s been fun to watch this season, but he no longer supplies England with quality test-ready forwards.”

France overcame England at Twickenham and filled La Rosa with worries that they won't lift.  Photo: AP

France overcame England at Twickenham and filled La Rosa with worries that they won’t lift. Photo: AP

The lack of regularity and consistency has been a problem for the England team since last season. The current world runner-up could barely add two wins in the Six Nations 2022in view of Italy AND Welshand finished third, behind Francesample, e Ireland. in the window of test matches of July, added two celebrations and a fall earlier Australia, visitor. But in November, which he played at Twickenham, he finished with a bad record, due to crashes against Argentina -a blow to the European team- and before South Africa; the draw against New Zeland and finished victory Japan.

In December the departure of the historian Eddie Jonesteam coach since the end of 2015, and the appointment of Steve Borthwick like new manager The change of bank, likewise, did not generate the expected revolution.

I trip him 29-23 against Scotland local at startup Six Nations 2023 stirred up the waters again, which could not calm the logical victories against Italy AND Welsh on the following dates. And the defeat against France on Saturday left the British team, which managed to be world champions in 2003 and position themselves as one of the great powers of international rugby, on the brink of the abyss.

Hugh Monie, a former player of the selected team, was very tough when it came to analyzing La Rosa’s present. “They bombed us,” the former winger said in a statement published by the BBC. “Absolutely demolished. When you talk about the fundamentals, the foundations weren’t there. The only requirement in international rugby is physicality, and they tore us apart.”

And he added: “England couldn’t recover after the first 90 seconds of the game. You need leaders in your team who say “It doesn’t matter, we have to calm down”. It takes a lot of experience in the backbone of the team that we don’t have right now.”

“England have hit rock bottom with a defeat that could end the careers of some,” he headlined. The Telegraph a note that points directly to Bill Sweneymanaging director of the RFU, “on whose watch this incident occurred.”

“The breath of fresh air brought by the appointment of Steve Borthwick as manager has grown stale. The stark reality is that England are a mediocre team. Any fear factor coming to Twickenham engendered faded into the ether as France celebrated his first victory here in the Six Nations since 2005”, continues the text, which reflects an opinion shared by many of the country’s media.

You won't pass: Marcus Smith is tackled by a Frenchman in the Six Nations.  Photo: EFE/EPA/TOLGA AKMEN

You won’t pass: Marcus Smith is tackled by a Frenchman in the Six Nations. Photo: EFE/EPA/TOLGA AKMEN

In an opinion column for Daily mailjournalist Chris Foi he warned: “Let’s set the record straight, England are NOT going to win the World Cup this year…they are miles off the world pace and if they play like they did against France, they will lose to Argentina.”

“That’s the bare minimum. France could very well have taken the Twickenham ground home because they have done more than enough to reclaim the title rights and the unfortunate and obscured hosts could do nothing about it,” he said.

And, on the team’s chances for the World Cup, he predicted: “Realistically, the only thing they can hope for is to avoid premature elimination and start building for the future. A bleak prospect for the richest country with more resources than the world. world”.

England rugby – which will close the Six Nations on Saturday, in Dublin against Ireland, the only undefeated player in the tournament and an excellent candidate to shout champion, is experiencing an unprecedented crisis. A black presence who worries too much in the British country, but who opens the stage to Los Pumas who face the World Cup. Will the selected de la Rosa be able to reverse this bad moment before the duel he will play with the Argentine team in less than six months in Marseille?

Source: Clarin

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