Luis Enrique, of the Spanish national team, to try his hand at an extreme mountain bike competition

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Already far from his stage as streamer which he had during the World Cup in Qatar 2022 and his time as coach of the Spanish national team, Luis Enrico decided to add another new stage to his career. Yes, someone who has always been linked to the world of football will now begin to test his skills as a cyclist. Yes, between 19 and 26 March you will participate in the Cape Epicthe most prestigious race on the international circuit go mountain biking.

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The competition in question takes place in the Western Cape, South Africa and is nicknamed as “The Tour de France of mountain biking” for the quality of the competitors who usually participate in it thanks to the tough level it presents, which has nothing to envy to the most prestigious competitions. It consists of seven stages plus a prologue against the clock in the testing box, for a total of 658 kilometres which each contestant must perform, with 15,775 meters in altitude scattered throughout the tour.

Also, before the start of the race, Luis Enrique must be part of a prologue in which the starting positions that each cyclist will have will be defined. Then, you will start your tour of the different parts of South Africa.

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When the most famous competitors within the sport prepare for competition, such as Nino Schurter and David Valerothey will unexpectedly have the former Barcelona manager as their new rival who will present them with a battle to win.

Luis Enrique, in his time as a coach.  Photo: EFE/EPA/Tolga Bozoglu.

Luis Enrique, in his time as a coach. Photo: EFE/EPA/Tolga Bozoglu.

The preparation of Luis Enrique

The former soccer player is also a long-time mountain biker, which is one of his favorite hobbies. Even before each Spanish match in Qatar, Luis decided to tour the Asian country by bike. Now, he has decided to take it to a more professional level, doing it by measuring himself against the bikers most recognized in the world.

Likewise, Enrique is aware of the challenge he is facing and already has been 100 day training for the competition that awaits him in South Africa, which he has repeatedly documented in posts on his personal Instagram account.

Source: Clarin

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