Tragedy on the road: Ramón Díaz’s youngest son collided with his truck and his wife died

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Michael Díaz, the youngest son of Ramón Ángel Díaz, was involved in a car accident this Tuesday on National Route 5, at the height of the game on July 9: he was driving his Dodge RAM truck when he collided head-on with a white kangaroo . His wife died instantly and his 8-year-old son was rushed to the hospital. The driver of the utility also died.

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This noon, a few minutes after 12, and in torrential rain, the black Dodge RAM truck that Michael Díaz (37) was driving collided head-on with a Renault Kangoo utility truck traveling from the city of 25 de Mayo. After the impact, the driver was stuck in the bodywork and died instantly.

Meanwhile, Díaz’s wife was thrown from the truck and lost her life from the impact. Michael and his 8-year-old son were transferred to the Julio de Vedia hospital in the city of 9 de Julio.

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The Traffic Police and the Community Police are working on the spot, under the command of Commissioner Gustavo Quemehuencho who is investigating the mechanisms of the accident, and a team of Volunteer Firefighters has been intervening since 9 July, under the direction of the Station Chief, Sergio Fernández.

Michael Díaz was born 37 years ago in Avellino, Italy when his father was playing in Serie A. He had a short spell as a professional footballer at San Lorenzo (played 3 games) and later went through various promotion clubs and regional leagues such as such as San Telmo , Defenders of Belgrano, Ferro Carril Oeste of Trenque Lauquen and Deportivo Urdinarrain, of Gualeguaychú. Another step in Mexican football at Club Indios de Chihuahua.

His father, Ramón Ángel Díaz, and his brother Emiliano are in Saudi Arabia where together they manage Al-Hilal FC, one of the most powerful clubs in the Arab country.

Source: Clarin

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