The health of Hugo Ibarra: Boca has released an official statement with the medical part of its DT

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Hugh Ibarra had to be transferred by ambulance from the Boca property in Ezeiza to the Italian Hospital of San Justo Agustín Rocca for a nosebleeds and a severe headache. Hours later, the club posted a photo of the coach with the thumbs up and the official medical report on their social media.

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After four hours in which Ibarra was first checked by the Boca medical team and then analyzed by various specialists from the private clinic located in the La Matanza district, it was decided that the DT would spend the night under observation.

A few hours before the medical part was known, Maurice Sernathe leader who accompanied Ibarra in the transfer together with the doctor Jorge Batista, brought serenity and warned that the black “is very cute”.

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“He’s in the room, he’s calm. He’s very good. One day they’ll leave him as a precaution. Tomorrow our coach will certainly be on the pitch to train. What happened to him could happen to anyone.” . lad.

“But I’m not the right person to talk about what happened to him or what didn’t, so for everyone’s peace of mind the medical report will come out, where they will know what happened to him. Hugo is very well, I want to bring peace of mind to everyone,” he said. added Colombian

His medical condition is reportedly not serious and his symptoms are believed to be associated with his blood pressure.

The technical director had arrived at Boca Predio’s training accompanied by his 15-year-old son – who later went to hospital – and with some discomfort. His head ached and he had the typical symptoms of high blood pressure with some drops.

However, Ibarra decided to lead training until his headache was aggravated by an intense nosebleed. Doctors approached there who, in principle, could not stop the bleeding.

The first conclusion of the doctors had to do with a pressure problem resulting from the intense heat wave to which the country has been subjected in recent days. In any case, they didn’t hesitate to call an ambulance and have him transferred for prevention.

After the transfer, Leandro Gracián and Roberto Pompei continued with Boca’s training ahead of Sunday’s match at 19:00 against Instituto de La Bombonera, date 8 of the tournament.

Indeed, following Ibarra’s hospitalization, the professional team spent training from Thursday morning to afternoon at the Ezeiza facility so that the coach could be present.

Source: Clarin

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