Ibarra returned with caution and kicked the board in Boca: he tried three changes to receive Instituto

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with the return of Hugh Ibarra after the medical discharge for the scare on Wednesday, Mouth He trained this Thursday afternoon on the Ezeiza property, with a soccer test thinking about the Institute. Normality has returned to ‘Xeneize’ after hours spent on the state of health of his DT and without the magnifying glass on the possible variants facing the match over the weekend, at the Bombonera. With one detail: part of the medical staff suggested that Ibarra take it precautions regarding physical demand to avoid new complications, which he also discussed with the president Jorge Ameal and vice Juan Roman Riquelme.

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With this scenario, practice and testing will last until the day before the match, with the main idea of ​​the coach to see how different surnames respond to a series of changes throughout the lines. It’s the one beyond the names that were under observation after the fall before Banfield in the South, what is in the crosshairs is the tactical scheme to be employed. Because that ambitious 4-2-3-1 to crush the Patronage in the final of the Argentine Super Cup frayed in front of Defense and Justice and against the ‘Drill’. Then? At least at the beginning of the week, the intention of Ibarra and the coaching staff was to strengthen the midfield. With who?

Ezekiel Fernandez He had already been a spare part for Alan Varela. But his dismissal against Vélez in Liniers has reopened the doors for the central midfielder, who has kept his place despite his level being far from that of 2022, which has raised the concerns of several clubs in Europe. Given this, it is probable that Equi enters through Varela and that he too joins Martin Payero OR Christian Medina on one side. play instead of Pol Fernández? Perhaps to join them and thus once again have three more positional midfielders in the center circle. everything is analyzed.

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And besides being replaced at half-time, Óscar Romero will once again have his chance as a starter. That’s why what will happen with the draw and the midfield will reveal how many places in attack there will be for various surnames: Langoni, Villa, Merentiel, Briasco and Benedetto. And all with the same chances of starting matches against Cordoba. With one addition: then there will be a match against Olimpo for the Copa Argentina and against Barracas Central before the first match of the Copa Libertadores. For what the tests will be like in these three days to then stipulate an eleven and give him a performance that hasn’t shown up until now. In the first training session he stopped Benedetto for the first time together with Merentiel, with a 4-2-3-1 that did without Villa but sacrificed the former Defense and Justice.

In the last line there are the main doubts. Because the low level of Luis Advincula AND Frank Fabra It is known, but it is the area where the contest between owners and substitutes seems to have the most marked distance. If Peruvian is not on your site, you should enter Marcellus Weigandt, who has played on a dropper for the past year due to injury and always looks a little more messy on the defensive end. On the left, however, Agostino Sandez He was able to replace Fabra in the hot crossroads of Libertadores. But the offensive characteristics of him are not the same as the Colombian. and boat? The reserve boy will begin to gain ground in the next matches and could be a regular in the Argentina Cup.

Source: Clarin

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