Parades that appeared in Avellaneda against the leaders of Independiente: “Destination in B”

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The irregular wandering of Independent in the Professional Soccer League, in which he managed just one win in seven appearances, has exhausted the patience of some fans, who They hung up parades and put up posters against the leadership in the vicinity of Libertadores de América-Ricardo Enrique Bochini in the hours before the match against Colón de Santa Fe in Avellaneda.

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“Destination B”was the hard message printed in yellow and red letters on a black background in the marches that aimed directly at the president Fabiano Domanthe vice presidents Nestore Grindetti (at the time mayor of Lanús) e John MarconiThe general secretary daniel seoanthe vowel Charles Montana and two men who do not hold positions on the Board of Directors, but weigh heavily on the daily life of the club: George Damiani AND Christian Ritondoalso pre-candidate for governor of Buenos Aires for Together for Change.

On the posters, pasted on nearby walls and also in the clubhouse facilities, it was indicated as “responsible” of the team’s bad moment to those same managers and to Héctor Maldonado and Fabio Fernández, and was accused of “partners in crime” to journalists Gastón Edul, Martín Roldán, Ariel Vilachá, Carlos Borsa and Matías Martínez, who report on what is happening in the institution on a daily basis.

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A poster criticizing Independiente's management and the journalists who cover the club's news.

A poster criticizing Independiente’s management and the journalists who cover the club’s news.

Even if the beginning of the cycle of Leandro Stillitano He gave no signs of enthusiasm to the fans, neither for the team’s play nor for the results (after beating Talleres in the first round, the Red drew four games and lost two), the reference to a probable decline is, at least for now, exaggerated: In a season in which the bottom team of the Professional League and the two teams with the worst average in the last three seasons will fall to the First National Team, Independiente are respectively 21st and 15th in the two classifications.

The practice of placing saves and posters to motivate, question or intimidate players, coaches or leaders is quite common in Independiente. Last year, when the club was still chaired by Hugo Moyano, there were banners against the players (“My eyes hurt watching them play, horrible”) and against the then coach, Julio César Falcioni (“Fal$ioni antirrojo, go ahead or take him”).

Source: Clarin

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