Argentina-Panama, the preview, LIVE: Scaloni reveals how many offers he had before renewing his contract with the national team

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THE Argentina national team From Lionel Messi face this Thursday Panama in what will be the meeting of the team of Lionel Scaloni with the audience to celebrate obtaining the World Cup in Qatar. The Albiceleste team is already in town, training and receiving the affection of the fans.

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After this first friendly, they will play against each other on Tuesday 28th Curacaoin Santiago del Estero. Follow all the news, minute by minute, from here.


New in development

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Scaloni and the champions who don’t relax

“We have fun in our own way, the World Cup is over. My goal now as a coach is what’s to come. Now with social networks you always see things from Qatar and that doesn’t help. Because you have to look ahead, the rivals will now want to beat the champions “I’m not talking about relaxation, I don’t like this word because they don’t relax, but you have to keep working and winning. They have to keep going at this level, then you can win or lose, but we have to prove we’re a tough rival.”

Scaloni, the team against Panama and the 48-team World Cup

“Those who were at the World Cup will play. These are the players, then we will see who is on the pitch. I would like people to see their players. And as far as the World Cup is concerned, there is a new place for South America, there will be more games… New things are being implemented, you have to be ready to compete.”

Scaloni, the reconstruction of himself and the importance of the Youth

“Reconstruction in the national team has to do with players who don’t feel they are masters of the national team, who come to give their share, who don’t have their place forever, who are behind other players who want their place. In National Youth Teams we agree that the boys must understand how to get there in the best way. We are used to winning youth teams but now it is more difficult, we have to think that the result will be given when they get to the Senior Team, I value that job. He did an incredible job and it shows today in the Majors. Everyone has to believe they will ever play in this jersey.”

Scaloni, the goals, Messi and the three stars

“The goal is to compete, no matter who the rival is. And to honor this shirt. Leo (Messi) is fine and until he tells me otherwise, he will keep coming. And if he tells me he won’t come, I’ll try to convince him to do so. I see him happy on the pitch. For me he is the best in history, there is no discussion. It is nice to see the three stars on his clothes, it has a huge meaning. It took a while. a long time to to win it, let’s hope it doesn’t take so much next time. Our goal is always to get to the maximum, that’s what brought us to where we are now.”

Scaloni and the absence of Argentine players in the national team

“For me Enzo Fernández was from local football because he has been in Europe for a few months, the boys leave very quickly. We were going to call up a boy from here too. But those who have been away for years are still Argentine footballers. We have our DNA and you never lose it.”

Scaloni and Retegui’s call to Italy

“There are 26 players who had the title but many were part of the cycle and must feel like world champions, they gave their share and we talked about it in our first talk. Whoever is a champion has no advantage, behind them there are guys who are growing up, it will depend on the pitch, I’m in favor of Retegui, don’t try to convince anyone or ruin something we’re not convinced of, it happened with Marco Senesi, we told him we could call him up… When one isn’t sure he can pass it makes no sense to cut him out, I hope he does well in Italy, now we weren’t convinced to call him up in Argentina”.

Scaloni and the importance of teamwork

“In the national team there are fewer long faces than in a club. They understand that we are one more and that there is no one in front of the group, the team always wins. All the coaches do this but they carried it out in a way incredible. We went through difficult times but we moved forward with sincerity and nobility. We all go hand in hand and in the same direction, we always knew which way to go.”

Scaloni, champion life and renewal, did you have any other offers?

“I got an offer from my son’s school, that I was going to run him for a couple of days (Laughter). No, I didn’t have anything or didn’t listen to anything. Has it changed my life? No, not at all, I take things In like this, physically it will be like this because December was a very hard month and after that I relaxed a little and you feel a little tired, but nothing more”.

Scaloni and how to face friendlies

“The Argentine shirt forces you to give your best. The celebration is beautiful but we have to do our job on the pitch.”

Scaloni, and the best selection in history?

“I don’t want to get into that debate, it doesn’t make sense. It was a comment from Rodrigo (De Paul) and nothing more. The three were champions and they are the best. Even if they give me the choice, I would also choose it last because I’m like that. Everyone talks about football, we live it like this. For me, all three will go down in history.”

Scaloni and the absences of Papu and Garnacho

“The two absences are a pity, especially that of Papu who deserved to be there. It is understandable that the club does not allow him to come but we will do everything possible so that he can spend a day or two with us. And Garnacho is a boy who we come to follow and we hope you can join at some point.”

Scaloni speaks at the conference

“It’s a great joy to be here. People are happy, they see us all as heroes. It makes us happy because we’ve given them joy that lasts. I love that players can feel that. The recognition from people is amazing.”

“The reunion is difficult to explain… We met, we thanked them for the title and we explained to them that it continues like this. Now they are days of celebration but the Argentine national team deserves to continue. Now everything is going well for us. cost more than ever, because they will want to beat the world champion, we tell them that it continues like this, we must continue to compete”.

“I like that you see that the national team belongs to everyone, that you experience it with this enthusiasm. That people see that there are one more players, the national team is like this. Tomorrow I would like this cycle to be appreciated, that’s what we’re looking for to instill in them.

The Scaloni conference is coming

The press room of Ezeiza’s AFA property is now ready, awaiting the presence of Lionel Scaloni, at his first conference in Argentina since he became champion with the national team.

Argentina-Panama: what about Papu Gómez?

In the preview of this Thursday’s friendly and party, the only stain on the Monumental will be the absence of Papu Gómez. The former San Lorenzo and Arsenal player, today in Seville, is recovering from an injury and has not been allowed to travel to the country to be with the rest of the world champions. “It is a great pain and sadness because I would have loved to be there and feel all your love and affection,” wrote the Papu on Instagram, in a post that received the like of Dibu Martínez.

Argentina vs Panama: how will the party be at the Monumental

With Wos, La Konga and La T y la M, among other confirmed artists, there will be entertainment of all kinds from the very beginning, before the match, at half-time and even after the final whistle, when Messi lifts the World Cup as it did in Qatar. The full note here.

Argentina vs Panama: Police operation against ticket resale

Municipal police have filed charges against five men and a woman for reselling tickets for Thursday’s match between Argentina and Panama at the Monumental stadium. The complete note at this link.

The referees of Argentina vs Panama

The AFA made it known in a statement. The main referee will be Uruguayan Christian Ferreyra, 45 years old, international since 2014, in what will be his debut at the helm of the Argentine national team.

Scaloni’s word arrives

The Argentina national coach will hold a press conference before the friendly, scheduled for this Tuesday at 15:00. He will be the first since his renewal at the helm of the Albiceleste was confirmed and the start of this new cycle for the champion team, with the Qualifiers as the first official goal starting in September.

Madness for Messi

The arrival in Argentina of the world champion players had an absolute protagonist: Lionel Messi. The man from Rosario dined at a grill in Palermo and revolutionized the neighborhood once his presence in the establishment became known. Here, news and photos from the night of the 10th.

The countdown has begun for the match between Messi and the national team

This Thursday, the Argentina national team faces Panama and the madness is total. Tickets sold out in two and a half hours and the Monumental will seem full.

Source: Clarin

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