Scaloni, in the preview of Argentina-Panama: what he said to Messi and the players in the reunion and the pride for the third star

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Wherever you look at the AFA headquarters in Ezeiza, the three stars are there. Into a wall. On a banner. In one column. Even in a cone. In the coach shirt he wears Lionel Scaloni even when he enters the press conference room. “Yesterday they gave us the clothes and it’s very exciting to see them there, but the idea is to go and get more”warned the world champion coach in his first meeting with reporters in the country after his world title conquered on December 18 in Qatar.

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Scaloni met Lionel Messi and the whole team again and said that, after thanking his boys, he clarified that he continues like this: “When we met again in the gym I thanked them again for winning the title, but I explained to them that it continues like this. These are days of celebration, but the national team deserves to continue and now it will cost us more than ever. We need the energy is greater because it will be harder”.

Relaxed, smiling, Scaloni was also moved by the words of gratitude from a journalist. The Pujato-born DT expressed his happiness at the recognition of the people. “For those of us who have had the opportunity to walk the streets of Argentina… I feel enormous joy because people are happy and see us as heroes. We have given them joy and it still lasts and it is beautiful. I like that the players experience it on the street. Hopefully the kids can go out and see that recognition.”She said.

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But he immediately put the emphasis on this new process already underway after the third star obtained in the Middle East. “The message is that a new process is starting and that whoever is world champion doesn’t have an advantage and will have to keep working because the guys who are playing at a high level come from behind”He explained.

And he elaborated: “That players don’t feel like owners of the Selection. Your place is not forever, there are players behind it who compete for a place and this forces them to give their all. It will not happen that they relax. The goal is to keep them at this level. Because you came out world champion, life is not over. We know we are world champions, but that doesn’t mean we have more rights than others and we can’t do what we want.”

And the most comical sequence of the conference occurred when he sought the complicity of those present: “I don’t wake up every day thinking I’m a world champion. Do you (to reporters)?”, asked. And the answer was unanimous: “Yes!” The coach let out a laugh.

Before the consultation of clarionhe announced that he wants people on Thursday against Panama see who played in the final against France on the field. And that he will take this friendly seriously, like the one on Tuesday in Santiago del Estero against Curaçao: “The match must be tackled as all matches are tackled, up to the final against France. The party and all that is beautiful, but on the step that we have to do our job.”

The future of Lionel Messi

At 35, the permanence of the best player in the world in the Argentina national team has been a recurring theme since the end of the World Cup. Rosario’s man himself revealed that Qatar 2022 could be his last appointment with the Albiceleste shirt.

But the images of Monday evening in a restaurant in Palermo, surrounded by the affection of the fans who turned out en masse when they learned of his presence there, is something that mobilizes even the most ardent detractors that the ‘Pulce’ could have had in other years.

“He’s here to keep coming back and until he says otherwise he’ll keep coming. He’s happy on the pitch and in the national team. There’s no controversy from me, you know what I think of him. What’s happening to him seems good for me because he deserves all that love. He needs to see that his people love him. It will stay with him forever.”Scaloni clarified.

The absence of Papu Gómez

One of the first questions for Scaloni were the most sensational absences on the list. One for being the only world champion in Qatar who could not be present (Alejandro ‘Papu’ Gómez) and another for representing the best future offensive project of the national team.

“It’s a pity the two absences, especially Papu che they deserve to be. The club of him in good sense did not let him come. It is comprensible. We will do everything possible for you to spend a day or two with us even if it is, but it will depend on your clubHe pointed to the case of the Sevilla player, recently operated on for the injury sustained during the World Cup in Qatar.

“We are confident that Garnacho can be in the next one. He is a boy in whom we have high expectations,” he concluded of the man born in Spain and who has chosen to play for Argentina, even if he is not ‘armored’ yet.

The debate on the best selection in history

Faithful to his style, even Scaloni did not want to enter into controversy. The debate that has begun clarion Just over a month ago, Rodrigo De Paul and then other world champions from 1978 and 1986 dealt with the fact that Scaloneta is the best national team in Argentine history.

“There’s no discussion, it’s the Argentine national team. It’s silly to think about it. If they’re the three world champions, who cares if you’re better or worse. It’s not necessary. If you give me the choice, all three. And I’d also put my national team last because I’m like that. It’s a discussion that doesn’t make much sense. The three are champions”hill.

A farewell to pure ovation

Source: Clarin

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