Dibu Martínez showed off a new haircut dedicated to the World Cup in the preview of the national team’s friendly

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For each event that has the Argentina national teamthe players of the staggered they dress in fashion and go to Dany Ale’s hairdresser, the official hairdresser of Scaleneta who travels everywhere accompanying the team. This Thursday, Albiceleste will play a friendly match against Panama at the Más Monumental stadium, which will serve to celebrate the title of world champion conquered in Qatar at the end of December 2022, but before that some of the players went to renew their hairstyles at the hairdresser in Ezeiza’s AFA property.

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For this event, which awaits a stadium full of more than 83,000 fans, the footballers stopped by the hairdresser and honed their cuts. Most kept their style, except the goalkeeper Emiliano Dibu Martinezwho surprised with his new look to face this meeting.

In a video made by hairdresser Dany, who shared it on his social networks for the public, he showed Emiliano with his ever-present companion and the work done on the goalkeeper’s hairstyle, who this Thursday will show off a design depending on the situation: a star. Taking into account the context in which the celebration takes place, Dibu chose that hairstyle to face Panama.

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The Dibu usually surprises with its cuts. He had already done it during the World Cup, before the match against Australia for the round of 16 of the tournament, after having passed into the leader stage. On that occasion, 24 hours before the duel against the Oceanians, the goalkeeper demonstrated his patriotism and The Argentine flag has been painted on the left side of his head.

Dibu Martínez and his particular cut at the World Cup.  EFE/Juan Ignacio Roncoroni

Dibu Martínez and his particular cut at the World Cup. EFE/Juan Ignacio Roncoroni

As he was able to confirm in an interview, on that occasion the goalkeeper changed his look “just for this match”. God we won it,” said the archer awarded the best in the world by The Best awards. In this new look to face Panama, will there be bets or is it just to be in line with the celebration?

Source: Clarin

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