Side B of the national team party: the sadness of the fans who bought the trout tickets and stayed outside the Monumental

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The postcard was bleak: about 200 people, the vast majority parents with children in tears or outraged, trying to understand why those tickets were bouncing which were the ticket to absolute happiness. The sequence took place on the corner of Avenida Udaondo and Avenida Figueroa Alcorta. The group could not bypass the last of the checkpoints because the turnstile indicated that entry was invalid.

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Those 200 people who have been waiting for answers are from Tandil. They bought the ticket with the River branch of the city of Buenos Aires; they paid about 70,000 pesos per person. The journey – they left at 6 in the morning – arrived with a ticket for Sivori Alta. “The guy who sold them came on one of the buses, so we understand he’s also a victim of the scam,” they said clarion the unfortunate ones

It is true that several policemen and people from the AFA have come to the place to try to solve the problem. Or to explain. The reality is that the entries were trout and the AFA official showed them one by one. The tickets had no watermark (the man showed them by activating a laser) and faded when he ran his fingernail over them. To prove it, he made the same move with a legal tackle.

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Of course, those from Tandil weren’t the only ones: two other buses from Mendoza and one remaining from Entre Ríos suffered the same fate: all the travelers had fake tickets.

In Avenida Udaondo, a few meters from the Monument, tax officials have received complaints of false registrations and theft of cell phones. “We know there are many trout rumors,” they told Clarin.

The first postcard of the day had already given away an advertisement: a family made up of a father, mother and two children had the illusion of being the first to enter the stadium. But the pinwheel told them no.

Jealous income controls.  Photo: Juano Tesone

Jealous income controls. Photo: Juano Tesone

At least until 18:00 there were no major incidents, beyond the cries of those affected. The security operation is zealous: 20 blocks from the stadium, police officers could already be seen on each of the corners. Therefore, rags and ticket resellers did not appear. Even some people who were trying to sell national team shirts, hats and flags were delayed.

It is worth mentioning that the Ministry of Justice and Security of the City of Buenos Aires, the Ministry of Security of Buenos Aires and the staff of the Argentine Football Federation have worked to put together, in his words, an unprecedented operation, with 1,600 police officers and 1,000 police officers Private Security.

Source: Clarin

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