Operation against the resale in the Monumental: a man arrested with 29 tickets, 350 dollars and 153 thousand pesos

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a man was arrested this Thursday near River Stadium for ticket resale for the match of the Argentine national team against Panama, as part of the celebrations for obtaining the Qatar 2022 World Cup.

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The dealer, whose name and age have not yet been disclosed, had in his possession a considerable amount of loot: 29 tickets, 350 dollars and 153 thousand pesos.

Sources from the security operation at the Monumental said he was intercepted on Udaondo Streetone of the access routes to the Antonio Vespucio Liberti, where almost 80,000 people showed up for the friendly match.

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It was within the control cordon organized by the Municipal Police and the Ministry of Security of Buenos Aires, by the Buenos Aires Chief of Staff Felipe Miguelin command in the transition between Marcelo D’Alessandro’s leave and subsequent resignation and the hiring of Eugenio Burzaco, scheduled for this Monday.

“The party of the 3 stars”, as the demonstration for the third conquest of the Argentine national team was called, began around 16 in the afternoon with musical performances, until the start of the match, which began at 20:30.

Ticket prices, depending on the location, varied from 12 thousand pesos for the general ones, up to 49 thousand for the stall sectors.

They detect and obstruct the resale of 52 tickets to a contingent from the pampas

In another operation, before the match and also in the vicinity of the Monumental, the personnel of the Crimes and Crimes Division of the Municipal Police took over Avenida Libertador and Manuela Pedraza a long-distance transport with lighthouses and two men at the foot of the door gesturing with a wad of tickets.

They were asked for identification and they said yes partner of a tourism company and transport in the province of La Pampa.

One of them claimed there was purchased 52 tickets from third parties.

Consequently, the criminal prosecutor n. 35 in charge of Celsa Ramírez for crime and contravention ordered that the people involved go through the various prevention and safety devices, for entry verification.

He also requested the cell phone hijacking for the purposes of the assessment and the related procedure was carried out for the infringement which represents the ticket resale.

Bullfights and incidents on the eve of the match

Around 20:00, half an hour before the start of the match, before the two friendlies that Lionel Scaloni’s team will face after the World Cup, there were races and accidents fans who attempted to enter without a ticket.

The motorized police acted in Udaondo street with roaring cartridges to disperse the group that attempted to access at the Monumental, when the stands were already full.

After a day spent with absolute normality and tranquility, the event lasted a few minutes and immediately the party atmosphere reigned again in Núñez, in view of the friendly match in which Argentina beat Panama 2-0, in the scope of the celebrations for obtaining the World Cup obtained in Qatar 2022.

Source: Clarin

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