Scaloni dreams of playing in all the provinces to thank for life

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For Lionel Scaloni The reception the World Champion team received was “incredible” and they fantasized about playing across the country. “I wish we could play in all the provinces of the country to thank them for life”he indicated after the game.

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“It’s amazing to be able to offer them (footballers) the chance to celebrate at home. I don’t know when it will be possible again, hopefully in four years”wished Scaloni, excited before the start of the friendly, when the public was more fervent.

“I have no words of gratitude for people. We have to enjoy the result and see people happy, very united… it’s all very beautiful”, Scaloni distinguished between the end of the game and before the final tribute to the Monumentale.

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In relation to the match and the first rival after the consecration in Qatar, Scaloni made his analysis, beyond the level of the current rival. “It’s a good test for us, now (the opponents) know that we are world champions, they come to try not to beat them, to make things difficult for us”distinct.

Despite it being a friendly, without the pressure of points, much less a World Cup, Scaloni stood out for the dedication of his coaches. “I liked the attitude of not for this reason, they stopped putting. They played like they know how to do”he remarked.

“La Scaloneta la P… who gave birth to her.” After the presentation of the prizes and after the captain’s words, it was Scaloni’s turn, who took the microphone and harangued the audience with one of those that everyone knows: “Leo Messi’s hand, all the laps we’ll give”. As she was about to start speaking, the stage started another ditty: “La Scaloneta, the whore who gave birth to him” and the coach broke.

Scaloni with the cup.  (Juan Manuel Foglia)

Scaloni with the cup. (Juan Manuel Foglia)

“The father of La Scaloneta is up there, because he was able to come and see me today and for me it is the greatest gift in the world,” she said through tears. Once composed, she dedicated her words to the players, but also to the public.

“Thanks go to this group of players, this credit goes to those who play. Everyone who wears this shirt, and this coaching staff knows it, leaves every last drop of sweat behind them.. This time it was given to us and it is incredible,” she remarked.

“As Leo said, it’s very difficult to win a World Cup. Seeing them like this is priceless. I said it a lot, but I repeat it because this is priceless. In my life I thought I was going to get this reception and they (for the players) are now realizing what they have achieved and all for you and for you. Bye,” he concluded.

Source: Clarin

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