Argentine Cup: Boca started with a win and Ibarra found some composure

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At its debut in Argentina Cupthis Saturday in Chaco, Boca Juniors won 2 to 1 Olympus of Bahia Blanca and ended a three-game winless streak that DT had put up Hugh Ibarra on a tightrope

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Agostino Sandezin the first half, e Darius BenedictWith a controversial penalty taken by referee Lucas Comesaña with 12 minutes remaining, they scored the goals in a packed Centenario stadium. At 43 he served Nadir Hadad.

Olimpo came out to play with high intensity and pressure and generated the first scoring situations. After just three minutes, Alejandro Toledo charged from the right and put Nicolás Valentini in trouble, but the game calmed down without harming goalkeeper Javier García. Meanwhile, on seven, a nice triangulation ended with Santiago Gutiérrez’s deflected shot.

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Boca didn’t lose their patience and with fouls they were approaching the goal defended by Martín García. At 16 minutes, Martin Payero He had his chance from a free kick but the scorer of the best goal on matchday eight of the domestic tournament sent the ball over the bar.

Just halfway through the first half, those led by Ibarra started to find their place on the pitch and to move more comfortably, finding spaces they didn’t see before. A recovery from Medina and an overflow from Weigandt tried to find Darío Benedetto after 20 minutes without success.

Meanwhile, in the 32nd minute, Merentiel received a cross from winger Weigandt and went for goal but the shot went far from the goal defended by García de Olimpo.

Without great dominance but with wide open mobile wings, the target was closer and he finally reached 36 with Sandez. After a short rebuttal from the Olympus goalkeeper, the left-back takes the ball and plays against the wall with Benedetto, who quickly gives it back to him so the left-footed player defines himself from the right and scores a great goal to open the scoring and give Ibarra peace of mind.

Just one and a half minutes into the restart, Olympus had a double chance to tie the match. Before a weak sign of the stopped ball, the clearest was the solitary header of Emiliano Lazza from Cristian Amarilla’s corner, which went close to Javi García’s left post.

Without too many weapons, Arnaldo Sialle’s team handed the ball to Boca and the game entered a plateau. Furthermore, after 15 minutes, Ibarra loses Payero due to a nuisance in his left leg and has to change the scheme for the entry of the Colombian Villa.

Of course, the Olympus striker didn’t give up and attacked Valentini, like in the first half. This is how, after 22 minutes, Toledo asked Javi García, who sent the corner kick in another clear situation to equalize the duel.

Boca’s response came in the 31st minute, when Benedetto narrowly missed the deflection of a nightmare and, on the following play, the referee Lucas Comesaña interpreted that Cevasco’s contact with the xeneize 9 was enough to charge a penalty. And, on his last play before leaving the field, the centre-forward broke Martín García’s arc to put up second.

Despite the heavy impact generated by that penalty, Olimpo continued to search for their goal and after 43 minutes Nadir Hadad was granted the discount. It was after a free kick that Boca cleared in first instance, but it was left to the 24-year-old to head that ball in front of the departing Javi García.

The four minutes added by Comesaña made the game look like the first leg from the start and it was Boca who were closest to goal, when the crossbar denied Gonzalo Morales. Eventually time ran out and victory was in the hands of those from Ibarra.

We know there are many things to improve but we needed this confidence. It hurts us to play like this today and not in the league. But we are doing our best to move forward. Let’s hope we can get back to winning ways in the next match,” Benedetto analyzed.

On the situation in Ibarra, Pipa added: “We listen to what is being said but we cannot interfere, that’s what leaders are for. We have to play ball. We know that there are many things that are invented and some that are true. We have to be self-critical and think only of continuing to improve.”

The next match for the LPF will be on Saturday April 1st against Barracas Central. In the Argentine Cup, on the other hand, in the next round they will meet the winner of Barracas Central and Estudiantes de Buenos Aires, of the First National Team.

Source: Clarin

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