A postman, a car wash and a farmer: minimal stories from Ciudad de Bolívar that wants to strike against Independiente

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An appointment with history. This could define the commitment that Club Ciudad de Bolívar will assume when they face Independiente this Sunday, from 18:00 (TyC Sports), for the 32nd round of the Argentine Cup in La Plata. It will be a classic duel between the weak and the powerful. The club which currently plays in the Torneo Federale A will face its debut in the competition and on the other side will be one of the biggest teams in the country, even if its present is not so auspicious.

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Undoubtedly, despite its stormy present, Independiente continues to be Independiente. He is still the King of Cups and it is always a stimulus to have him up front. Avellaneda’s team is, without a doubt, one of the greatest institutions in the country and on the continent.

In the other corner of the ring is the Club Ciudad de Bolívar. Many perhaps know him for being the team that founded Marcelo Tinelli. The famous pilot and entrepreneur, there in 2002, decided to carry out the project of a volleyball team and it went very well: eight Leagues, five ACLAV Cups, two Master Cups, a Super 8 tournament and the South American Club Championship.

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The former San Lorenzo president was the founder of his hometown team.

The former San Lorenzo president was the founder of his hometown team.

In 2019, however, the center of the sports project would be another. Forming a football team became the priority. Since 2021, the former president of San Lorenzo is no longer involved in the active life of the club.

In 2020, with the pandemic hitting the world and, logically, football in general, everything stopped. But with the return to activity and having gone through amateur tournaments, in February 2021, after beating Independiente de Neuquén 3-0, the club earned the right to participate in the Federal Tournament A and be one step away from the First National.

“The club is in a new phase. For two years there has been a new board of directors, whose president is Pablo Tello and where there is a football department. This department takes care of the budget, obtaining sponsors and investors. This project started in 2019, promotion was achieved in 2021 and we achieved this historic qualification for the Copa Argentina.”explained Sebastián Alzueta, sports coordinator of the area in dialogue with clarion.

Sebastián Alzueta, sports coordinator of the football department of Club Ciudad de Bolívar.

Sebastián Alzueta, sports coordinator of the football department of Club Ciudad de Bolívar.

An irregular 2021 in his first participation in Federal A was his baptism in a national level tournament. But 2022 was completely different and, by finishing third in the South Zone of the Torneo Federale, they earned the right to play the 2023 edition of the Copa Argentina.

“The goal is to continue to grow, improve the campaign and try to be protagonists in Federal A. We take this Copa Argentina match as a reward for the 2022 season. Of course, we always dream and we want to continue making history”completed Alzueta near the path to follow.

Indio Ortiz, a former gymnastics coach, manages the Bolívar team.

Indio Ortiz, a former gymnastics coach, manages the Bolívar team.

The team, led by Hernan Dario Ortizbetter known as the Indian, It has several players with a past in the First Division in its squad. Among them the goalkeeper Massimiliano Cavallotti (ex Argentinos Juniors, Gimnasia de Jujuy, Central Córdoba del Santiago del Estero, Ayacucho FC del Peru), defender Facundo Quiroga (released from Argentinos Juniors and moved to Estudiantes de San Luis) and the midfielder Nahuel Yeri (formerly Banfield and Aldosivi, among others).

Although there are other cases as well. They are those players with a long history of promotion who, for reasons of salary or necessity, have other jobs. In Bolívar these stories exist and Clarín went to look for them in order to be able to tell them.

Scoreboard and car wash

Alfredo Troncoso, historical top scorer of the Club Ciudad de Bolívar.

Alfredo Troncoso, historical top scorer of the Club Ciudad de Bolívar.

Alfredo Troncosohistorical goalscorer of Club Ciudad de Bolívar, he arrived in 2019 and they have been with the club since the beginning of the project and in all seasons he has been the team’s top scorer. LCam scored 26 goals in 48 games played from Federal Council tournaments. Beyond football Troncoso works in the laundry of an automobile agency and the duel for the Argentine Cup is full of illusions.

“The match against Independiente beats beautifully, both in the city and in the institution. You go down the street and people are eager to see the match, to travel and to be there. The truth is that they take it in the best way to be able to bring the city ​​of Bolívar at the highest level,” says Troncoso.

And he dreams of a bump, although he recognizes that it is very difficult. “Unfortunately, Independiente are not in a good moment, but they are a first class club and one of the five biggest in the country. I still think they can take a hit, why not? We know we are fine and everything affects the weather for matches, to enter the field and you have to take advantage of everyone’s moments. Obviously there could be a blow, it happened and it could be something beautiful”, he enthuses.

– Besides football, do you have another job?

-I have a non-football job, but aside from the money, I use it to try and clear my mind a bit about what football is. I’m at a car dealership and I’m trying to do both. I have time to go to training, then go back to work and every day until 6 in the afternoon. I’m in the car wash of the dealership and I’m very happy.

The reinforcement who bets on the field

Gonzalo Urquijo told of his passion for agricultural work.

Gonzalo Urquijo told of his passion for agricultural work.

Another of those who told his story is Gonzalo Urquijo33-year-old striker who has recently arrived at the club. Villageas it is nicknamed, He is the all-time top scorer for Agropecuario de Carlos Casares, with 44 goals, and joined the club a few months ago. Besides football, field work is another of his passions.

Although he is going through his first months in the Eagles, he told how well they welcomed him and how quickly he managed to adapt to the group: “The truth is that these first months at the club have felt very good. They really welcomed me and that is also important. The adaptation is very important and he really enjoyed the daily with his teammates and the coaching staff “

And goes on:It’s the most important game I’ll have to play. Independiente is one of the most important teams in Argentina and for me it is something beautiful. It’s an award for all these years of career, for having played in the Promotion and for having worked for what every player always dreams of is reaching the highest level.”

-How do you combine field work with football?

-All the years that I have had to be in Agropecuario I have been close to the field and my city and I have gone away very often. Now that I’m also in Bolívar. Being able to invest on the pitch is something I’ve always kept in mind for the day I have to stop playing. Have something and that everything I’ve done in football has not been in vain. I think that sometimes things are let go, things are left and I, on that side, was also thinking about the day when I will stop playing. Obviously I didn’t save myself financially and I won’t be, because one didn’t have the salaries that a player abroad or in the First Division can earn, but in my own way I tried to put some of what I earned on the pitch. I like it very much and I enjoy it.

Archer and (former) postman

Ramiro Biscardi, originally from Bolívar, divided his time between filming and delivering letters.

Ramiro Biscardi, originally from Bolívar, divided his time between filming and delivering letters.

There is one case that brings together many of the game’s most exciting points. Ramiro Biscardinative of Bolivar, He underperformed in Independiente and was the promotion goalkeeper of his hometown club. On top of that, at one point in his career, he dealt the cards.

-What does this match against Independiente generate for you?

-Personally this game brings me nostalgia. I was lucky enough to belong to Independiente in 2012 and it brings back many good memories. It was my first experience outside my city and away from my family. It was an effort, a sacrifice and a bag full of dreams at the age of 17.

-What is your analysis of the growth of the institution?

– They called me to be a regional amateur after the pandemic. I was in the city of Olavarría playing and working. My wife and I made the decision and moved back here after several years out of town… And, well, we were lucky to get promoted there. So I am very happy and happy that I was given something that I had always sought and was denied. The club has grown a lot, a lot of work has been done and is being done both on and off the pitch.

-Did or do you have a job other than football?

-I distributed gas bills, I worked for a post office in Olavarría, but last December, after I renewed at the club, I chatted with my wife, did some calculations and told her to make an effort this year and see if I could devote more time to football to be better mentally and physically. This year we are looking for beautiful and very important things. You want to be up to the task to always give your best. The work required time, effort and effort. So now I’m doing it and enjoying every day like it’s my last.

A possible dream

The illusion and desire to move on to the next round are more than present. It will not be an easy task at all. Reality shows that, despite not having the best performance, Independiente is two categories above. But if the Argentine Cup has one habit, it’s that it goes against logic. In this edition, Excursionistas eliminated Gimnasia, Claypole eliminated Newell’s and Chaco For Ever eliminated Sarmiento.

Tied to an illusion, with the support of a people and with the desire to remain in history. The Ciudad de Bolívar Club of the car wash and top scorer of the institution, of the postman with a past in the Independiente youth team, of the agricultural producer and many other players with stories and dreams, is preparing for a match that will be hard to forget. .

Source: Clarin

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