The boys are growing up: Tomás Rambert, son of Sebastián, makes his debut at Independiente

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I will build the little airplane to make my father happyá,” said Tomás Rambert in September 2021 after the first goal he scored in the Independiente reserve. A year and a half later, the 19-year-old son of Sebastián, a 1990s del Rojo striker who celebrated his goals by simulating a small plane, made his debut in the club’s First Division where he joined the Red Bottoms in 2014 after having taken his first steps in the Viejo Bueno Césped club. He came on in the 40th minute of the second half, had little time to show off, didn’t score and the form of celebration, for now, will have to wait.

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Rambert is a left-footed winger, with good handling even with his right foot, header and characteristics similar to those of his father. He can also play behind the centre-forward. He was born on January 3, 2004 when his father was 27 days away from turning 30 and had already completed his stage as a professional footballer.

Pascualito, the other of his nicknames for the diminutive of his middle name, made his debut in the First Division on 10 April 1992 against Vélez (2-2). After winning the Clausura 94 tournament, the 1994 Super Cup (he scored the goals in the final: 1-1 at the Bombonera and 1-0 in the Double Visor to seal the title) and the 1995 Recopa, he brought his goals to the European football, first at Inter in Italy and then at Zaragoza in Spain. He came back, played for Boca, River and played a second phase at Independiente, a club in which he completed 75 games and 19 goals. He then joined Iraklis in Greece and finished his career at Arsenal in 2003.

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Rambert converted one of the goals in Independiente's win against Huracán (4-0), the day they were crowned champions of the Clausura 94

Rambert converted one of the goals in Independiente’s win against Huracán (4-0), the day they were crowned champions of the Clausura 94

Pascualito Rambert then dedicated himself to technical direction: Aldosivi (2013/14), Unión San Felipe de Chile (2014), Crucero del Norte (2014/15), Estudiantes de San Luis (2015/16). Then he joined Daniel Garnero’s technical staff.

On March 17, Tomás Rambert signed his first professional contract until December 2025. He had a good start in the Reserve tournament, in which he scored four goals in seven games. With the injury of Tomás Pozzo and before the inhibition of buying players by FIFA due to the debt with América de México, Leandro Stillitano, the manager then sacked, promoted him to the First Division. Now with the Moncho Pedro Monzón ad interim, the great debut came from him.

Thomas Rambert with Doman.

Thomas Rambert with Doman.

Independiente’s next fixture will be on Saturday 1 April, when they visit San Lorenzo al Nuevo Gasómetro, for the ninth round of the Professional Football League tournament. Tomás has already taken the first step with his debut. From now on he will have more chances to follow in his father’s footsteps and that the Rossoneri fans can once again shout Rambert’s goals and enjoy the famous “small plane” party.

Source: Clarin

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