The investigation into the sale of fake tickets to see Messi and the Argentina national team continues: who is Justice betting on?

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The investigations for Ticket resale scams in the friendly between Argentina AND Panama at the Monumental and the celebrations for obtaining the third world cup continue last Thursday at the Monumental. And now a line is being followed that points to branches and fan clubs of different clubs.

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As far as he could find out clarionthose fake tickets, the forgery of which has been very successful and could cause confusion, according to what the security bodies of the city of Buenos Aires have commented, would have been introduced by people who generally organize trips for people from the interior Go see your teams in the Buenos Aires metropolitan area, although they have not revealed which clubs they are from.

THE Prosecutor specializing in mass events analyzes various causes, for which there were two arrests, one for robbery and another for resale, on Thursday, near the Monument. The individual they found reselling tickets was investigated on Friday and as he had no criminal record, was released.

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The sadness of a boy left out of the Monumentale festival.  Photo: Juano Tesone

The sadness of a boy left out of the Monumentale festival. Photo: Juano Tesone

In the present case, this person had fallen after four boys from Mendoza, unable to enter the stadium, had sought out members of the Municipal Police, had reported him and caught him red-handed, i.e. with proof that he had committed the crime in that moment. He had cheated a bus with 60 memberswho had fake tickets and had to return to their province in anger and pain for not being able to enjoy the event.

It wasn’t the only desolate postcard of the afternoon: about 200 people, the vast majority parents with children in tears or outraged, trying to understand why those tickets were bouncing which were the ticket to absolute happiness. These scenes took place on the corner of Avenida Udaondo and Avenida Figueroa Alcorta. That group could not bypass the last of the checkpoints because the turnstile indicated entry was invalid.

The apocryphal tickets seized near the stadium.  Municipal Police press photo.

The apocryphal tickets seized near the stadium. Municipal Police press photo.

Those 200 people who were waiting for answers were from Tandil. They bought the ticket, for which they paid about 70,000 pesos per person. “The guy who sold them arrived on one of the buses, so we understand that he too is a victim of the scam,” the unfortunate man told Clarín. They weren’t the only ones: two other buses from Mendoza, one from Entre Ríos and another from La Pampa suffered the same fate: all the travelers had fake tickets.

The one that arrived from La Pampa, shortly before the start of the match, was identified by the Municipal Police, who had 52 tickets ready for resale. After the intervention, the Judge opened proceedings for violation of art. 108 (Resale of tickets).

The Mass Events Misdemeanors and Violations Division observed a long-distance transport “with headlights and two men at the foot of the door gesturing with a wad of tickets” at the intersection of Avenida Libertador and Manuela Pedraza.

When asked for identification, they said they were “partners in a tourism and transport company in the province of La Pampa”, while one said he had bought 52 tickets from a third party. The Criminal Prosecutor n. 35 of Crime and Crime ordered the interested parties to submit to the various prevention and safety devices, for entry verification. He has also called for the confiscation of cell phones for examination. And the investigations continue, waiting to be able to identify the scammers who have played with the illusion of so many people.

Source: Clarin

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