The River boys and the Inferior project that was born with Gallardo and continues at the hands of Demichelis

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The dream that Mauricio Macri had in Boca has been realized by River. On Saturday, in the friendly match against Universidad de Chile in Salta, Ñúñez’s team found itself playing with 9 (out of 11) players from the club’s lower leagues. It is not a coincidence or an isolated event. It is a global project begun with Marcelo Gallardo and which he will try to deepen with Martín Demichelis.

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Indeed, the work of Micho on a daily basis is not exclusive to Primera. as far as he could tell clarion, the coach constantly observes the youth reserve. And not only the games, but also the training sessions. He maintains daily talks with the technical staff he commands Marcellus Escudero. It does the same with those of the Selective who make up players from the Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Divisions, managed by Jorge Sbrissa.

Then, the inclusion of youth teams in the First Division can begin to be recurring. Demichelis brought nine players to Salta and six of them had the chance to make their Primera debut. The most resonant, by name, was Matías Gallardothe son of Dollwho on Sunday celebrated, coincidentally, the 30th anniversary of his debut in the River first team, in a match against Olimpia for the Copa Libertadores.

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Demichelis will be considering several guys to keep up with this busy year.  Photo: Marcelo Carrol

Demichelis will be considering several guys to keep up with this busy year. Photo: Marcelo Carrol

Now it was the turn of the second son, born in 2003, the year in which his father returned to play in River after moving to Monaco and in which Demichelis, the coach who made his debut, left for Bayern Monaco. Matías was born on November 23 of that year. He is an attacking midfielder. He has been playing in the Reserve for some time, has 41 games in total, where he scored one goal and assisted six times. On Saturday, he played right footed, with one leg changed.

Another of the boys who promises is Esteban Fernández. She plays hookup and is from Loma Hermosa. He was born on January 6, 2002 and is right-handed. He recently signed his first professional contract and played in 88 reserve games, with six goals and one assist.

Daniel Zabala is a defender who played well at Padre Martearena. It only took 8 reserve games to impress Demichelis. It is an episode in the background that excites in River. He is 180 centimeters tall, is right-footed and has been with the club since 2016.

Gonzalo Trinidad He is another who has few games in reserve, since he has played 6 games in total, totaling 462 minutes. He made his debut in that league on 4 October last year, and arrived at the club in 2011. He plays on the left wing, and hasn’t signed a contract yet. He was born on May 14, 2004 in Olivos, Vicente López.

Joaquín Flores, on the other hand, is a striker. He comes from Tucumán and is in the 2005 category. He is left-footed and has scored two goals in reserve, in just 9 games played.

The future has already arrived in River. And Demichelis wants to exploit the potential of these young players who will try to give the best results in the First Division and thus dream that in a not too distant time there will be a team made in Núñez.

Source: Clarin

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