Giovani Lo Celso, the return to pure magic and the memory of the injury that left him without a World Cup: “I cried for three days in the bathroom”

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Giovani Lo Celso have had a magical return to the national team. The Spanish Villarreal player has shown that he is in his best days, before the injury suffered in October last year which ruled him out of the World Cup. He played and let them play. And he served Lionel Messi the 100th goal of the crack rosarino with the Albiceleste.

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Almost 20 minutes had passed when Lo Celso received three-quarters of the way from behind, turned around and immediately visualized Messi. He gave him a masterful pass with his left foot and then Leo played him, hooking and finishing with his right foot.

It would not be Lo Celso’s only assist for Messi in the Madre de Ciudades. In the fifth goal, stopped in his own half, the former Rosario Central scored a high pass with great precision so that Messi, after speeding past Curaçao’s central scorers, went straight on goal and located the ball before the The start of the second half was goalkeeper Eloy Room.

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In Santiago del Estero we saw the best version of Lo Celso, the one he had until before the injury. And he was Messi’s ideal partner as he was in the 2021 Copa América and in qualifying for Qatar. And with the two of this Tuesday evening, he added three assists to Leo. The first was in a 5-1 win against Nicaragua on July 7, 2019 in San Juan. It was the first goal. And similar to the first of this Tuesday.

In this way Lo Celso was able to participate also within the ambit of the festivities. It’s that another on campus hears it. So much so that on Thursday at the Monumental he took the replica of the world cup that the AFA gave to every player. And in Qatar he was part of the concentration in the final days before the final.

At the end of October, with the 2022 World Cup in Qatar just around the corner, Lo Celso suffered a premature injury which prevented him from playing with the Argentina national team. He suffered a ruptured hamstring tendon, for which he underwent surgery in November, and underwent a nearly four-month recovery. And he returned to add minutes of play in the preview of what was the call-up for these friendlies of the Argentine national team.

He didn’t play against Panama on Thursday. But this Tuesday he had it as an appetizer. With the number 17 shirt, the one worn by “Papu” Gómez at the World Cup. And he left 21 minutes into the second half, applauded and replaced by Angel Di María. “The best is yet to come, always”, wrote Lo Celso in a post he published after his return. And little by little the best for him begins to return. He’s already overturned the Selection. And it is intact.

open heart

After the celebrations of another party for the conquest of the World Cup, after the 7-0 victory against Curaçao, Giovani Lo Celso, one of the figures of the match, presented himself in front of the microphones and left his feelings open-hearted after losing the World Cup.

“It was exciting to put the national team back on and have fun with my team-mates after the difficult times I had, I tried to have fun with them and with the people”expressed, excited, Lo Celso.

Gio remembered what Rodrigo De Paul had said about him, in the preview of the World Cup, and the emotion invaded him even more. “I thanked Rodri, I heard what he said, he was very mobilized from the start. When I found out I couldn’t play in the World Cup, I had 3 or 4 days of doing nothing but cry locked in the bathroom”contacted.

Photo: Fernando de la Orden / Special Envoy - Clarín

Photo: Fernando de la Orden / Special Envoy – Clarín

But quickly, his chip changed. And there was something special about making it happen. “Life gives you and takes you away. A few days later my daughter was born and after that I wanted to be with the team and I was able to experience everything, the birth of my daughter and then celebrate with them. Life gave me the opportunity to to be with them at the time of being world champions and it was unforgettable” said the left-handed. And he added: “Even I started crying alone when they came out with a banner for me in the friendly before the World Cup.”

And he followed: “Life, like football, always takes its revenge. I had no choice but to have surgery, I tried to do everything possible to be in the World Cup and I didn’t succeed and after the duel I concentrated on returning to the national team. And I am grateful to life and the coaching staff that I can do it again. I did everything necessary. If it was up to me, I was on one leg. But I had to have surgery and had many months of recovery.”

Source: Clarin

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