Home Sports The Cd Independiente has approved the criminal complaint against the Moyano management for the million-dollar lawsuits that keep him in check

The Cd Independiente has approved the criminal complaint against the Moyano management for the million-dollar lawsuits that keep him in check

The Cd Independiente has approved the criminal complaint against the Moyano management for the million-dollar lawsuits that keep him in check

The final approval of the logical path to follow in a Independent who is in economic hell. The unfavorable sentences in recent trials, mainly that of Gonzalo Verona, have left the Avellaneda club on the brink of collapse. For this the president Fabiano Doman has convened an emergency meeting of the Board of Directors for this Wednesday in which It was unanimously approved to launch a complaint against the leadership led by Hugo Moyano.

In the “Ricardo Bochini – Libertadores de América” ​​stadium there was the full presence of the CD, including the first vice president Nestore Grindetti. “On the day of the date, the Board of Directors of Club Atlético Independiente unanimously resolved to authorize the president and general secretary of the institution to criminally sue former managers, members and third parties external to the institution, for the irregularities found in the file the judicial proceeding of Gonzalo Verón, the unpaid sponsorship of OCA and the sale of the economic rights of Jorge Nicolás Figal to MLS”began the statement.

“In parallel, in the Verón case, the club will present the related appeals in the different provincial courts to avoid the application and execution of the sentence issued by the Labor Court 2 of Avellaneda”He added.

It is completed: “In the OCA case, the preliminary mediations have ended and the club will file a civil lawsuit against Hugo Moyano and Héctor Maldonado with the aim of recovering the money not received due to the use of the institution’s image through apparel sponsorship “.

In recent days, as Clarín has learned, there have been contacts between Doman and those who had been his rivals for the presidency in the last election (Javier Mazza AND Claudius Rudecindo)Furthermore Sergius Palace (last secretary of the Moyano management), because the argument he tries to use in the Verón case is that he has not been able to respond to the judicial summons that have been sent in a timely manner because the head office was closed due to the restrictions of the coronavirus pandemic.



a complex week

The past seven days have been the most turbulent since the Doman landings. When the leaders thought about how to replace Leandro Stillitanofired after directing just 8 games (of which he won just one, lost five and drew two), an unexpected bombshell fell on the Reds: a sentence from the Labor Court 2 of Avellaneda forces him to pay Gonzalo Verón more than two billion pesos.

they are exactly 2,332,081,796.01 pesos which means nearly eleven million dollars for the officer change. After that bucket of cold water, management made two decisions. First: challenge the measure and submit the case to the Supreme Court of the Province of Buenos Aires. Second: the lawsuit against Hugo Moyano which will spring from the approval of the board of directors obtained this Wednesday.

Photo Maxi Failla - Clarin

Photo Maxi Failla – Clarin

Gonzalo Verón had joined Independiente from MLS franchise New York Red Bull under manager Hugo Moyano in January 2018. The footballer asked the club for a total of $6,149,689.63 (including interest) for non-payment, between salary and compensation for his free exit from the North American entity-. Eventually, the justice ruled in his favor and Doman asked the club’s lawyers to appeal to the Supreme Court.

As I anticipated clarionIn addition to the conflict with Verón, the complaint against Moyano will be based on three axes: the OCA case, the operation of the aforementioned Verón and the sale of Nicolás Figal. Doman and company not only intend to sue the former president, but also the lawyers who have represented the club in these efforts.

As for the OCA case, “the club has requested a preliminary mediation with the aim of initiating a civil case to recover the money that the club has not received as sponsorship of the clothing,” reports Avellaneda.

Regarding the sale of the central defender who plays for Boca today, from Independiente they commented that “the club is working with a group of criminal lawyers in collaboration with the legal team of the institution to investigate how the sale was collected. from Nicolás Figal at the MLS”.

Photo Lucia Merle - CLARIN

Photo Lucia Merle – CLARIN

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