River: how Martín Demichelis intends to implement the “rotation” to face the double competition

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In the last few games River seemed to find a team whose names began to repeat themselves from week to week. Therefore, the changes from meeting to meeting were decreasing. However, the arrival of the double competition will force a rotation in which Martin Demichelis He will need all of his players to balance the physical loads. So, now, the technician is faced with the challenge of sustaining the operation beyond last names.

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Demichelis made it clear last week, after River’s friendly against the University of Chile in Salta. “In soccer, eleven players win matches and teams win tournaments. I want to have as many players as possible. So that they give me the possibility to choose”said the millionaire coach.

AS, the electoral process will begin to define the best exponents of each party. And it won’t have to do exclusively with the rival or with the context, as was assumed, but with the large number of matches, the variety of resources that the team offers, especially in the central area and -basically- with the daily work and the player level.

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Matías Gallardo, son of "Muñeco", made his debut in the Primera de River, in the

Matías Gallardo, son of “Muñeco”, made his Primera de River debut, in the friendly against Universidad de Chile in Salta.

“It has been shown that it is not that I like to change. I like to put what I see best of the week. The one that brings the best performances from Monday to Friday. We hope to find a way to work independently of the rival and the field. I want even those who are late with minutes to have the opportunity to playMicho explained.

The coach was very satisfied with the performance in the friendly against the University of Chile of those who do not play regularly and have been joined by a group of boys from the reserve who he aims to strengthen and who can contribute their services to the First Division.

And with respect to what was happening, from game to game, Demichelis clarified: “Both the good and bad results made us look, review and support a mechanism, which sometimes you can win or lose from the details, you score goals , score… We are constantly correcting ourselves to be close to excellence, which is impossible in football. I am convinced that we will end up being a super competitive team.”

Lucas Beltrán and Esequiel Barco, two who have established themselves.  (Maxi Falla)

Lucas Beltrán and Esequiel Barco, two who have established themselves. (Maxi Falla)

Before Sarmiento, before the stop due to the double day of the FIFA appointment, Demichelis was unable to repeat the team due to Nicolas De La Cruz’s injury (a right knee synovitis). But if the Uruguayan hadn’t suffered from this affliction, the eleven players who came out to play at the Eva Perón de Junín would have been the same ones who had done so a week earlier at the Monumental against Godoy Cruz.

Now, with the resumption of the championship and the imminent start of the Copa Libertadores, Demichelis will inevitably need the rotation. For this it will be essential that your players are well. He will need the whole squad and for this he aims for as balanced a load of minutes as possible, beyond the structural base of the squad (Armani, Casco, González Pirez, Mammana, Paulo Díaz, Casco, Enzo Díaz, Enzo Pérez, Aliendro, Palavecino, Nacho Fernández, De La Cruz, Barco, Paradela and Beltrán) will be the ones with the most action.

Source: Clarin

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