Mouth, decisive hours: after Martino’s no, who will be the next DT?

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With the December election playing a big part in making the decision and with the start of the Libertadores Cup in just a week, Juan Román Riquelme and the Football Council are looking for a coach following the farewell of Hugo Ibarra and the refusal of Gerardo Martino to take charge of the first team. What are the names in the race? Which coach can get to give him a game identity and also run from center stage to the figure of the vice president? Is it an option for Mariano Herrón to continue? Can a historian come or will a bet come?

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José Nestor Pékerman and Alexander Cacique Medina They were two names that emerged at the same time as Gerardo Martino, even if Boca didn’t move for anyone so as not to give confused or conflicting signals to Rosario’s coach who in the end didn’t accept the challenge.

With the ex DT of the Venezuelan national team (he left his entire team there, but his initial intention is to wait for another national team) the idea was to propose him to form a team to which they would add different surnames from the club Be added. But right now it seems difficult for Pekerman to enter the tiring daily life of a club like Boca.

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Medina, in Liniers, with the Boca players.  (Fernando Dell'Order)

Medina, in Liniers, with the Boca players. (Fernando Dell’Order)

Meanwhile, the former Vélez coach (he is still collecting his contract with Liniers’ club) hasn’t moved, even though his name has been in the club’s orbit for some time. But with or without work, they have never sought him – at least officially – to take over. Now can he be turned into a solution?

#TitéABoca He became a trend on social networks after his departure from the Brazilian national team. But his surname is not on the table, even if the club has received calls from other foreign coaches. AND facundo sava, current DT of Cerro Porteño, would consider leaving the Paraguayan club (he has an exit agreement) if someone from Brandsen 805 starts negotiations for him. It hasn’t happened yet. the name dance They no longer have so much to do with what is thought within the Boca Predio but with a thousand and one offers arriving every minute on the phones of Football Council members.

Those “obvious” names due to their past at Boca have not yet been consulted. Martin Palermo He is a historical name and has always expressed the desire to wear the coaching suit (even a week ago, in Villarreal, he had expressed the desire to return to Boca) but he is working at Platense and Vicente López’s club do not think of leaving him go. Something similar happens with Guillermo Barros Schelottotoday much questioned due to his presence in the Paraguayan national team and without a release clause, but very close to the figure of Maurizio Macri. In an election year, everything is on the table.

And none of the opposition would allow surnames they can later use for their campaign to join this management: Carlos Tevez, Fernando Gago or Sebastián Battaglia. If Daniel Angelici has even reappeared in the media, apart from the fact that the Macrista front asks that the voice of the opposition not be taken to avoid the image of its candidate.

Riquelme and Palermo share a partner in the Villarreal dressing room.

Riquelme and Palermo share a partner in the Villarreal dressing room.

the nephew of Carl Bianchi (Paolo Bianchi) staged the Viceroy, now resting in France. And although he and Riquelme have been in a relationship for years, there was no offer for the coach who lifted three Libertadores and two Intercontinental Cups. With him, of course, respect and admiration are another matter. And that’s why they can think of calling him only if they are convinced. For now in the bowels of the club that he does not appear as an alternative.

Without Martino on the horizon, the coaches who gathered support and who appeared as elites were finished. And from there on, everyone has his lights and his shadows to finish defining what he wants. On one side, Diego Martinez He is highly regarded within Boca for the work he has done in Tigre, for his playing identity and because he has empowered the footballers who have emerged from the lower ranks of the club. Ezekiel Melaranateam owner Victoria, was blunt:“Martínez will stay at Tigre until 2024”. But the relationship between Boca and the establishment of the Northern Zone, in addition to the link between Sergio Massa and Riquelme can change the landscape if they talk. With something fundamental: Mateo Retegui and his company in June to transfer him will force them to chat.

Diego Martínez, another in the folder.  EFE/Ariel A. Carreras

Diego Martínez, another in the folder. EFE/Ariel A. Carreras

The other letter that was quietly tossed across a work table in a meeting was from Diego Alonso, who has not yet decided his future with the Uruguayan national team. It is appreciated that he was in charge of a team of tricks and that he grabbed with little room for maneuver in the qualifiers to replace Maestro Tabárez. Anything else: was the one chosen by Nicolás Burdisso when Gustavo Alfaro spoke of its continuity, in December 2019. But to chase it they have to put all their thumbs up, which has not been achieved at the moment.

Before Barracas Central and with Monagas de Venezuela, he will direct Mariano Herrone with Claudio Morel Rodríguez. And that, whatever the DT was, was not going to change. But they will be temporary. This time Riquelme goes the other way.

Source: Clarin

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