Leo Messi, between Paris and Barcelona and an infinite number of buts: in France there is talk of divorce and from Spain they send confused signals

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Lionel Messi is (again) the cover boy in France. Newspapers and sports portals talk about him and his immediate future. AND everyone agrees that July 1 will be outside Paris. But there is always a but. And that but (but no less) comes from Doha, Qatar, the same place where he achieved complete happiness just over 100 days ago. The fact is that the owners of PSG, the families who manage that small Arab emirate which between November and December became the center of the universe, are the only ones who have doubts so far and are considering not releasing the best player in history.

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It is for this reason, for this reason alone, that nobody dares to emphatically say that Messi will leave Paris Saint Germain. ‘Lionel Messi won’t be a Parisian next season (unless Doha kicks the scoreboard)’title RMC Sportsa site that follows the daily life of the club that leads Ligue 1 in France.

The French newspapers talk about Lionel Messi.

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The French newspapers talk about Lionel Messi.

The Teamwho loves the Argentine little or nothing, underlines: “Lionel Messi shouldn’t continue his adventure at PSG next season. One last door remains open, yes the Argentinian striker accept a significant pay cut. For her part, Pulga awaits guarantees on the Parisian project”..

And he argues: “At the end of the contract, on June 30, La Pulga’ could normally activate a clause that allows him to evolve for another year under the Parisian colors. But the boos of the fans, Sunday evening, on the sidelines of the match against Lyon (0- 1), witnesses of an idyll that will never really last. The November quarrels between Nasser al-Khelaïfi and the Messi clan are a distant memory. It must be said that the player’s performances observed since January are disproportionate to the recitals he gave at the The start of the season Since reaching his career goal against France, the PSG player seems stuck in a lasting void..

The French newspapers talk about Lionel Messi.

The French newspapers talk about Lionel Messi.

In the same melody travels the Parisians: “The attacking trio Messi-Neymar-Mbappé could dissolve next summer, between the desire of the players and the will of the club. But the interests of each field continue to be contradictory”. But… As mentioned, there is always a but.

It is clear that the three main newspapers that follow the PSG story on a daily basis cannot get out of the contradiction. And the reason, at least in the case of the Argentina national team captain, is that the meeting with the PSG boss (and his bosses?) is still pending in which Jorge Messi, representative and father of the star, will sit down and listen.

There the patriarch of the Messi will wait a economic offer -it is known that it will be lower than the initial contract of 30 million euros for the financial fair play to which the club must comply -, but he will also pretend to listen to a sports proposal able to seduce her son. It’s that beyond money, what matters most, what interests Leo the most is a serious project. He wants to be part of a competitive team capable of fighting to win the Champions League. Messi needs a team that contains and motivates him. An idea that will bring a smile back to your face. Will Christophe Galtier, your current DT, be there? Will Luis Campos, the sports director, continue? All questions that these days, boos and boos, would not be resolved in and around the Parque de los Príncipes.

Messi cannot change PSG's downward trend.  Photo: AFP

Messi cannot change PSG’s downward trend. Photo: AFP

Why is Messi so patient with PSG? Especially since the French club has the priority of executing a renewal clause for another season. And second, because for now there are no purification offers in sight other than the fact that Barcelona is campaigning (starting with the media) for the repatriation of the prodigal son.

Why is Messi so patient with PSG? Emanuel Smallworld champion with France in 1998, the same is asked. “I hear many critics say that Messi walks the pitch, but all of us who follow him know that even in Barcelona’s best days he walked too. Messi is the master of the orchestra, he conducts and the other players are around him. Those who must dedicate onself”said Petit, who has played for Monaco, Arsenal, Barcelona and Chelsea.

And followed: “PSG’s problem is not players like Messi or Neymar, but you have to know how to play with these players. Look at Argentina, they were world champions who surrounded Messi with warriors, willing to die and give their blood for Messi. Or when I see in Barcelona, ​​everyone running around the teachers. It reminds me of when I was playing with Zidane, I wasn’t going to tell Zizou that he had to run in defence, I had to do it for him to conduct the orchestra. Boos for Messi are an insult to the football. If I can give advice to Leo, leave this club, it’s not a football club, but a pre-retirement club even if you’re 20. No player has ever grown up at PSG, it’s not Messi’s fault”.

Petit, almost without meaning to, provides solutions for Messi. And also for PSG: he must surround Messi better, beyond Neymar and Mbappé. They have to put together a team and not an accumulation of individuals.

Thierry Henry he also wonders why his former teammate is so patient with the French club.“It’s embarrassing to hear boos from the park. You can’t boo one of the team’s best players. It’s not information, it’s a wish, Messi must return to Barcelona for the love of football and because he did not start as he should. The shouts of his farewell they show me”said the former striker who now referees as a commentator.

Messi and Henry, together in Barcelona.  Photo: @juegosimple__

Messi and Henry, together in Barcelona. Photo: @juegosimple__

Now another question: Is Barcelona able to recover Messi? As we said, there are several barriers to unlock before thinking about a return to Catalonia beyond the fact that both sides have returned to talks, leaving behind the disaster that prompted the Argentine to leave, incredibly, from goal service.

The first obstacle comes through Barcelona’s financial problems and the short reins of La Liga, with Javier Tebas as a relentless auditor. For next season, the wage bill of the professional team is to fall by 200 million euros. This need goes against the meaning of a possible return of Messi. Even when playing for free, the 10 may not be signed – right now in the Camp Nou offices they are trying to put together an engineering through various sponsors-.

A second obstacle is the legal problems that the Catalan club has on the ropes. The case is already being investigated by the Court of Instruction No. 1 of Barcelona, ​​​​​​which believes that payments to the former Vice-President of the Technical Committee of Referees of Spain, José María Enríquez Negreira, could constitute various crimes of corruption. THE Uefa he also has the club under the magnifying glass. the Slovenian Alexander Ceferinpresident of the organization, has warned in the last few hours that the situation “it’s extremely serious”. To such an extent that the Catalan club risks a possible fine that could complicate any purchase and even I could leave him without the Champions League… And therefore without Messi.

Third, and nothing less, is the relationship with Joanna Laporta. The club president, beyond that meeting with Messi’s father in which there was talk of a possible tribute and other commercial agreements, should make a sort of public apology for the mistreatment he had with Leo when he threw all renewal negotiations two years ago and forced him to leave Barcelona with his family.

Hello and goodbye.  The day of Messi's arrival in Prís.  Photo: AFP

Hello and goodbye. The day of Messi’s arrival in Prís. Photo: AFP

Finally, there is a fourth element. There are not a few who believe that all this operational fuss has more to do with Barça’s need to camouflage all the legal and financial problems that threaten it than with a real interest in repatriating its emblematic player. Even more from the popular demand that was heard over the weekend when the Camp Nou shouted for Messi in the final of the Kings League, the 7-a-side football tournament organized by Gerard Piqué and which attracted more than 90,000 people.

As you can see, Messi’s future is in, we’ll see. They send the buts. In Paris they don’t want it, but… And in Barcelona they say they want it, but… A strange and unexpected dilemma for the man who at 35 and a half put the world of football under his sole when he lifted the world cup and became immortal.

Source: Clarin

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