Video from the on-board camera: Agustín Canapino and the spectacular accident from which he saved himself at 360 km/h

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Sunday, moments later Agostino Canapino he finished 12th in his first race on an oval in the Indycarthe conversation the pilot had with his team leader was leaked, Ricardo Juncos, to tell him how he felt when he came so close to the touch between Graham Rahal and Devlin DeFrancesco. But he remained to know how he had seen it, which was revealed thanks to the video of the on-board camera.

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“Here is the radio moment that went viral… at 360km/h, overtaking a car, in the midst of the battle at the end of the race, I managed to dodge the accident that happened right in front of me”wrote the reef from his Twitter account, but it was the images that got all the attention.

In those shocking 34 seconds One observes the low visibility of the four-time TC champion and rookie in America’s premier single-seat category. Even the moment when his two rivals, just a few feet apart, touched, slammed into the wall and were out of the competition in Texas.

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“The adrenaline is great and that’s why my reaction when Rahal hits De Francesco. I can’t explain the sensation to you, because I passed it like this – he said briefly separating his thumb and forefinger – and it was close to 370 kilometers per hour because it came into the intake tunnel. I don’t even want to think about what would have happened if I hooked them up at 370 km/h“.

In that dialogue with carburetor radioCanapino added: “So, you understand me, (the eggs) went up here (in my throat) and I couldn’t get them down. It’s really crazy. I can’t lie to you, the moment I said:What am I doing here? Why so much?’“.

In his career analysis, The best rookie in the Texas oval. he confessed it he left “thinking he was done”. “And I found he had the pace and on lap 185, despite losing a lot of pit time, he was in 11th and ahead of Callum and better pace than him. He was battling with (Marcus) Ericsson, who l “last year I had won in Texas, and ahead of (Hélio) Castroneves -Editor’s note: four times winner of the Indianapolis 500-. And at a certain point I thought: ‘How crazy all this is'”, commented the driver of the fast runs.

I learned a lot during my graduation because I was understanding so many little things, I started playing with the balance of the car and was finding my rhythm until the yellow flag, which I took it very carefully, I didn’t risk too much and I arrived a little late, especially in that last raise that blocked me with Castroneves. Look what we’re talking about… with Castroneves,” she added in surprise.

Looking forward to your next presentation, April 16 in Long Beach, the 33-year-old multiple champion concluded that racing on ovals “is an art”. “You have to drive very precisely, very smoothly, understanding the air flows. It got ugly in the first few stints, until I interpreted it to overtake cars at 350km/h. The oval is an art. Driving on the track or on the road is technical, but in an oval it’s art. Learning in the oval was faster because the technique of the circuits and the road is what costs me because I have no experience,” she said.

The intimate hand in hand between Canapino and Juncos at the time of the accident

– No no no no. I’ve never experienced anything like this, I’d tell you, how crazy.

Source: Clarin

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