Juan Román Riquelme and the next Boca DT: those who like them, those who are in the race, those who have no chance and the noise show

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He spent the first pale in Libertadores Cup For Mouth in Venezuela, with a 0-0 in which they deserved to win against the weak Monk despite playing over an hour with a man down and the match ending with nine players due to the sending offs of Bruno Valdez AND Facundo Roncaglia. However, For ten days the center of the media scene has been dominated by the search for a coach to replace Hugo Ibarra and then the resounding refusal of Gerardo Martinowhich was the main target and (perhaps) the only name that generated acclaim in the bowels of Boca Predio.

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that the vice president Juan Roman Riquelme not getting on the plane to Maturín for his international debut against Monagas was taken as a sign. And it was: because the manager had planned to travel to accompany Mariano Herrone and the campus. But he understood that he had to stay in Buenos Aires with Marcelo Delgado and Raúl Cascini and continue to look at the possible scenario between the surnames he likes, between the names available and those offered. Everything is on a meeting table, without “White Smoke” as he traced in his papal analogy Maurice Sernapart of the Football Council, upon the return of the delegation to the country.

Mauricio Chicho Serna launched an irony speaking of the future DT of Boca.

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Mauricio Chicho Serna launched an irony speaking of the future DT of Boca.

THE improvisation and journalistic circus went to the pace of the hours along with the lack of leaks from the walls of Ezeiza’s property. No one is certain about research, interviews, or meetings. The few authorized voices closed ranks, but that didn’t stop them from moving. And the expectation was generated much more by the media than by those who make the decisions at Boca, who saw a good game against central barracks and who understand that, without having a fair match, Herrón’s men had many chances to win in Venezuela and reach the top in the first cup match.

The huge number of names that enter and leave the scene to the rhythm of the search for metrics or social network evaluation points have much more to know about some professional tastes of the protagonist in analysis than precise data on the progress made or not by him.

That Carl Bianchi He is a hero at Boca and has been known for two decades. And that he also has an excellent relationship with Riquelme. That they talk, that he is an advisory voice to the vice president and that he has the doors open to Boca for whatever he likes to do is no secret. That he Viceroyon his way to Europe, he doesn’t even intend to direct.

Carlos Bianchi and Juan Román Riquelme, old friends.

Carlos Bianchi and Juan Román Riquelme, old friends.

Jorge Almiron He was one of the strongest options to be Boca’s manager in January 2020 when Riquelme took over, if Miguel Ángel Russo refused. Three years have passed since that determination. What does Roman think of him? That he is a good coach, who combines positive aspects and who has personality for the club’s dressing room. Also that his last steps through Elche, San Lorenzo and Lanús brought him acceptance in the football public. There’s not much to talk to with him: he’s free, he lets himself be seduced by directing Boca and if Riquelme lifted his thumb he’d sit on the bench. Something hasn’t happened yet.

Is Boca waiting for someone else? Regardless of the contexts, there are coaches who have thought of the Football Council from the first moment of Ibarra’s departure but who don’t finish completing the form. Jose Pekerman? An experienced World Cup player, but with no connection to Boca or the day-to-day work at the clubs. Respected, he should surround himself with a new coaching staff to advance with Boca after his failed stint in Venezuela.

José Néstor Pekerman was left without a coaching staff after leaving Venezuela.  Photo: REUTERS/Manaure Quintero

José Néstor Pekerman was left without a coaching staff after leaving Venezuela. Photo: REUTERS/Manaure Quintero

Diego Alonso? The Uruguayan, another quoted, had a tumultuous step for the selection of his country for the World Cup in Qatar 2022. And only once Marcelo Bielsa was made official as successor on the bank of the Blue sky would be available to talk. Diego Martínez (he has stated that he wants to continue directing in Tigre), Cacique Medina and Martín Palermo have not spoken.

There are, in the intimacy of Boca Predio, those who believe that the DT must be a foreigner to be waterproofed by the local context; others who need to know Argentine football day by day; some lean towards experience and a team leader; another looking to quickly imbue a gaming identity. And the continuity of Mariano Herrón? They insist that he will be the DT until a technician closes, to cut with what was done with Battaglia and with Ibarra. Who? When? Only in Boca do they know. The rest, show.

Source: Clarin

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