Mauricio Macri enters the Boca prisoner and hits Juan Román Riquelme: “He rules the club as he pleases”

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Mauricio Macri has once again shown his disappointment with the leadership of Juan Román Riquelme at Boca and has confirmed it “will participate” in the Xeneize club election which will be next November. “He runs the club how he wants and I don’t believe it“, the former president attacked the current vice president of Boca.

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“Everything we have built in 12 years now is in crisis because of Juan Román Riquelme’s personal way of governing the club as he pleases,” Macri complained.

Mauricio Macri once again struck Riquelme's leadership at Boca and confirmed his participation in the club's next election.  Photo: Marcelo Carrol.

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Mauricio Macri once again struck Riquelme’s leadership at Boca and confirmed his participation in the club’s next election. Photo: Marcelo Carrol.

chatting with Radio RivadaviaMacri this Sunday does not agree with the “personalized” management of Riquelme and has expressed his concern about the ups and downs of football that Boca is experiencing.

“You can win or lose, but what is happening cannot happen. We make Boca a solid, strong, organized and respected institution worldwide for its achievements: 16 titles,” Macri remarked.

And he added: “Boca is above any name. You can’t run the club like thatI’m really very worried – Macri insisted -. I don’t believe in Riquelme’s personal driving attitude. At all. And I’m not mistaken, nobody disputes how he was as a player, because I went looking for him twice to get him to stay at Boca. But all this has nothing to do with being a sports manager and behaving with those emotional parameters, with that arrogance, “he ruled.

A few days ago, on Boca’s 118th birthday, Macri appeared together with Andrés Ibarra in a commercial of the campaign.

In the video Macri says nothing, but there is a smile and a gesture that is worth a thousand words. A blue and yellow cake fire with Xeneize shield is the first thing that appears in the video.

But when the shot is zoomed in, Mauricio Macri can be glimpsed behind the cake. A voiceover proposes “I made a wish.” There, he turns his head to the left to look at presidential candidate, Ibarra; clarify what your wish is.

Macri was present last November when the campaign was launched by Ibarra, who served as director general during his tenure at the club and minister for nation modernization during his national presidency.

And although this Sunday he did not confirm in which role he will participate in the Xeneize elections, he reiterated that he “will participate”.

“I will participate because this situation worries me. Very worried,” Macri insisted.

Just this Saturday, the legendary Topo Gigio de Román in Macri celebrated its 22nd anniversary. In 2001, one of the most emblematic players of the club challenged the Xeneize president in front of 50,000 people and the whole world who saw it on TV. More than two decades later, that wound remains open.

Source: Clarin

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