Jorge Almirón and his diagnosis on Boca: “We need to move on quickly and regain confidence”

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A diagnosis with a few hours of contact with the campus, but the urgency it requires the arrival of Jorge Almirón as coach of Boca. In its presentation as a replacement for Hugh Ibarrathe elected members of the Football Council chaired by the vice-president Juan Roman Riquelme He confessed this Monday that getting to “Xeneize” was a “personal desire” for which he is “prepared”.

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Boca’s results and identity crisis forces Almirón to find quick answers, if possible when he visits the San Lorenzo guard at the Nuevo Gasómetro stadium for the Professional League in 48 hours.

Jorge Almirón in Mouth

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Jorge Almirón in Mouth

I have an idea but I have to adapt to the moment. Right now we will face a San Lorenzo which is fine, but we are Boca, it will be a classic. I know the importance of this game,” he said about how he will implement his football concepts in a battered team.

“The only thing I have in mind is San Lorenzo, they’re a classic, it’s important for us to go to their stadium and beat them. They’re a solid team, then the idea develops. The results are the ones that give you confidence being able to improve with training and matches”he completed at the press conference, where he was escorted by the president Jorge Amor Ameal and the Colombian Mauricio Chicho Sernapart of the Football Council.

Almirón, champion with Lanús in national football, said he will try to quickly find a starting eleven that satisfies him and gives him joy: “The players should get used to repeating matches. The Boca player must get used to playing a final in every match, I had to be a rival and we must be prepared for that. They are all finals. May the team establish itself and have everyone in place to be a competitive team”.

“I would like to thank Román who was the direct contact and trusted me, the guys from the Council who have been by my side informing me of everything, and the president”, he added about his first hours of walking in the Boca Predio de Ezeiza, where he will return this Monday evening to see the classic Reserva with San Lorenzo.

The first analysis also included the heartbreaking loss to Colón at La Bombonera stadium, which he watched from one of the boxes. “I had the opportunity to watch the game yesterday evening, today I got to know everyone a bit. I’m excited because I know there are good players, slowly we have to concentrate to be a great team. We have to turn the page and get ready for Wednesday that we’ll have a great match”indicated

“It’s difficult to start a game and lose, it forces you to play differently. It was a tough defeat for everyone but there are many games in a short time and everyone will have to be ready to play. We hope to recover the match against Colón to start, we entered with good energy and I saw a good face in the players,” argued the DT; who arrives accompanied by Maximilian Velazquez AND Paul Manusovich.

Ameal’s request

“We remain aware of what we’ve been through, we’ve won six out of eight titles, so we have to recognize Ibarra and Herrón. Now there’s been white smoke,” assured the president Jorge Amor Ameal.

Source: Clarin

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