Néstor Grindetti, the mayor of Lanús who assumes provisionally as president of Independiente

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The resignation of Fabiano Doman to the presidency of Independent took everyone by surprise, less than a week before the classic against Racing. And now, following the line of succession, it will be Nestore Osvaldo Grindettimayor of Lanús and possible candidate for governor of the province of Buenos Aires for Together for change, who holds the highest position in the cast of Avellaneda provisionally. Although, of course, the first thing that needs to happen is for the Board of Directors to accept Doman’s resignation.

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Around 15:00 this Tuesday, Grindetti -close to Patricia Bullrich- showed political activity on his social networks: he met with Charles Alvarez, candidate for mayor of Cañuelas. At Independent, nothing…

The new management of Independiente, with Doman, Ritondo, Grindetti and Marconi

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The new management of Independiente, with Doman, Ritondo, Grindetti and Marconi

And this will be another debate in the next few hours. Because, it is insisted, Grindetti intends to be governor of the Province of Buenos Aires and it is assumed that in the coming months he will be involved in the electoral campaign, in addition to continuing with his managerial position in the mayor of Lanús. The first rumor that has spread is that he would have requested a license.

“Independiente is in a complicated economic situation, we have an infernal debt that the previous administration left us. This has serious complications that we will solve”, the manager explained a few days ago in an interview with the A24 news channel. And I add: “Fortunately we managed to resolve the issue of the monthly deficit and today the company is in balance”.

In the event that Grindetti steps down, the third in line is John Marconi (35 years old), journalist and son of former referee Guillermo Marconi. Even if those who are in the daily life of the club ensure that Marconi has been demoted and on a couple of occasions he has even threatened to resign from the position of second vice president.

Photo Juan Manuel Foglia - CLARIN

Photo Juan Manuel Foglia – CLARIN

The other strongman in the group that won the election in October last year, Christian Ritondoalso of the PRO kidney, is the first representative of the partner.

What does the statute say? Article 98 reads: “The 1st Vice-President will temporarily exercise the functions that pertain to the President pursuant to the previous article, in cases of temporary absence, leave, illness or other impediment not exceeding 90 days. In cases of death, resignation or terms exceeding 90 days days, the Assembly of Representatives will designate his replacement from among the members of the Board of Directors in possession of the requirements referred to in article 78”.

And regarding mass resignations, the statute describes in its article 89: “The Board of Directors will not be able to resign en masse, much less abandon the Club.- If particular circumstances oblige it to take such a resolution, it must submit the context to an Extraordinary Assembly of Representatives to be convened immediately, before which it will base its decision on resignation .- If the same are accepted, the assembly will appoint a transitional board of directors and will call elections within the following 90 days.”.

The other members of the Board of Directors who could be elected by the Assembly to replace Doman are: Daniel Seoane (General Secretary), Christian Urreli (Treasurer), Emmanuel Pérez Adalia (Proteacher), Ruben Conde (Administrative Secretary), Esteban Saenz Rico ( sports secretary), Pablo Grindetti (communication and media secretary), Luciano Pagola, (public and institutional relations secretary), Federico Buceta (education and culture secretary), Leandro Muscio (institutional image and communication secretary), Daniel Lastiry (living and safety secretary ). And the members: Carlos Montaña, Salvador Pérez, Adrián Esposito, Carlos Rey, Lucas Di Nisio, Ricardo Cirielli and María Victoria Lauría.

Source: Clarin

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