Andrés Ducatenzeiler anticipated Fabián Doman’s resignation from Independiente: “They used him to make politics”

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Independent lives convulsive hours. Added to the bad sporting present was the resignation of the president, Fabían Doman, who left the club upside down. The risk of bankruptcy is latent and the possibility of descending begins to become a reality. But beyond the economic, institutional and sporting well in which the avellanedia club is submerged, there was a voice that anticipated the debacle: the former president of the Reds, Andrés Ducatenzeiler.

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In the Twitch and YouTube program in which Ducatenzeiler (“Duka”, for social networks) participates, entitled “El loco y el cuerdo”, together with the journalist Flavio Azzaro, yesterday evening the former president of Red anticipated the resignation of Fabián Doman , just 12 hours before the former TV presenter’s consummate departure from her headquarters on Avenida Miter.

“Descent sucks me an egg. They know what matters to me, that they use Independiente for the government of the province of Buenos Aires, rascals. Don’t lie to the Independiente fan anymore because one day that spit will fall on them.” dukawho acknowledged that he was under the influence of a drug known to control anxiety.

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And he predicted: “The classic must suck an egg for us, the lineage must suck an egg for us. And what does it matter to us about Independiente, in D, in F or in A because Independiente is sacred, Independiente is not you touch. Now they want to pass it to Doman after using it. You have no code.

Ducatenzeiler was president of Independiente from November 2002 to April 2005, the year in which he resigned from his position and also from his candidacy for re-election. He left in the midst of a dispute with AFA president Julio Grondona and slipped that the title won by Red (the 2002 Apertura) had been “bought”.

In relation to the current leadership of Independiente, which is now headless, duka He expanded, “They know the Moyano process won’t thrive. It’s cheap politics. Scoundrels. Look at your comrade’s face, on Sunday they withdrew from the field and sent the journalists in envelopes to stop people“.

“Andrés Ducatenzeiler, partner of Independiente. Ex president, ex general secretary, ex administrative secretary, ex fan, like six million kids. We go to B, but we’ll come back because we’re the biggest club in America.” the former president indicates those who accompanied Doman in the electoral campaign, the vice president Néstor Grindetti, and Cristian Ritondo, national deputy of the PRO for the province of Buenos Aires.

“You want to take people away from Independiente to come with Qatar to put money,” concluded Ducatenzeiler in the midst of a nervous breakdown and screaming, as often happens in the cycle he leads on Twitch.

Source: Clarin

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