Independiente also remained without DT: Pablo Repetto dropped before hiring after Doman’s resignation

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The scenario couldn’t be more bleak for Independent. He was left without the president and, consequently, without the new coach within a few hours. Paul Repettoto which he had said yes Fabiano Doman Last week he came out of the parole agreement and will finally not manage the Avellaneda team, which this Wednesday will visit Rosario Central and will receive Racing again on Sunday with Pedro Damiano Monzon as provisional.

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The arrival of the 49-year-old Uruguayan was a given. In a meeting that took place at Doman’s home, Repetto had accepted the commitment to hire the Reds, but after the match with Racing because due to a logistical issue (he lives in Ecuador) he didn’t arrive in time to settle in Argentina this week. This Monday they would begin exchanging contracts between the DT and the Devil’s management. But Doman’s letter announcing his premature farewell to the presidency changed everything.

Repetto, who had planned to arrive in town next Monday to be officially presented on Tuesday and make his debut at the Monumental against River, contacted the sporting director, Pablo Cavallero, to tell him that under these conditions he would not have accepted the job. His argument is logical: within a 90-day period, the Assembly must elect a member of the Board of Directors to replace Doman and until it is known who will occupy the highest position, Repetto believes he cannot start work. For this, he thanked and went down.

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Repetto had said yes to Doman and with the resignation of the president he got away with it.  Photo: EFE

Repetto had said yes to Doman and with the resignation of the president he got away with it. Photo: EFE

The question is more than delicate. The team does not find the football course and sinks to the bottom of the table (it is two points from last place). Monzón tries, but fails to straighten the course or order a disheartened team without clear ideas about the game. Without Doman, Néstor Grindetti remains provisionally president until the Assembly is held. He, along with the rest of the management, will now have to decide who to bring in as coach.

“There are no candidates”, warns from Avellaneda. For now there is no plan b in the face of Repetto’s refusal. And the handful of names that circulated before the agreement with the Uruguayan quickly returned to the table: Jorge Burruchaga, Luis Islas, Sebastián Méndez, Pablo Lavallén, Walter Erviti, among others. None are entirely convincing.

For now, Moncho Monzón will continue to don his firefighter suit to try and put out a fire that is getting bigger and bigger.

Source: Clarin

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