Kun Agüero wondered what they did with the money from his sale to Independiente: “Thirty million from me, plus 10 from Ustari…”

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Independiente lives difficult months, weeks, days and hours. Without president, after the resignation of Fabián Doman, without a coach, after the step aside that the Uruguayan Repetto took when he had agreed to take on everything, without playing in international tournaments, with millionaire debts and with a sporting present that already makes them look at tables below.

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Yesterday Fabián Doman resigned as president and further aggravated the crisis. The club appears to be completely adrift which has caused some related referents to comment on the crisis the club is experiencing. One of them was Kun Agüero, Red’s ambassador since he left the club

In a live stream on Twitch, the footballer referred to the economic issue: “What is happening at the club is very sad, because you don’t know the money that has come in over the past 10 years. If we start to calculate, the money that went into Independiente is crazy. We are talking about 30 million of mine. They sell Ustari for 10 million euros, which puts another 12 million dollars, then I was German Denis, I don’t know if they remember too. I think that, easily, Independiente reached 50 million dollars in two years. How far can the court go? 10 million dollars? Well, you have 40 left. And then you have to sell Tagliafico, Barco, Meza, Biglia”.

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It is worth noting that Kun was sold to Atlético de Madrid in 2006 for an amount close to 29 million dollars. It’s been 17 years, not a decade as Agüero points out.

Kun made his debut in the 2002-03 season, though he only played one game that year. His strong season was that of his transfer to Spain in which he took the field 36 times with an average of over half a goal per game, in addition to the remembered great goal against Racing in the classic, spreading Diego Crosa across half the pitch.

El Kun, the day of the great goal against Racing.  Photo: Clarin archive

El Kun, the day of the great goal against Racing. Photo: Clarin archive

Agüero has become a true ambassador of the club abroad. His journey made it a point of reference that he was to return to Avellaneda and now that he has retired from football, he is being asked to get involved in club life. For this reason, on Twitch he has cleared the claim regarding a possible leadership position: “I can’t be in everything. I’d like to be at Independiente, but there are so many people in there that, I think… I’m totally honest, I don’t trust anyone. In nobody! And if you go in there, you have to deal with all those people, who are already in there, you have to go in, throw everyone out, put everything back together. Hopefully, one day my head will change, I’ll be calmer and be able to say, “Okay, let’s see if I can be there.”

Finally, he expressed his opinion on what should be done to change the direction of the institution: “The first thing they have to do is not neglect the footballer. It doesn’t matter how much you get 100,000 sponsors, we cancel the debt, but if the team loses, you know what the sponsors will say? “I won’t even put 10 dollars into Independiente if they don’t win a game.” If you leave the team aside, clearly we will have more debt. So you don’t have to leave aside the team, which is above all. What you do with an expensive player in your team, you protect him and you don’t let him go. A good player is leaving you and if you let all players go you will never win. To those players who make good money, you have to try to find a solution, so that they stay, bring in other players who can beef them up and then put together a team that at least fights, so fighting the team can go up, and just then the sponsorship budget can go up. The problem is that he owes a lot of money and nobody believes him.

Source: Clarin

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