Fabián Doman and his message to the Independiente team in the Racing preview: “God gave him the classic”

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Fabiano Doman He gave up Independent and the day after his controversial decision found him giving notes in different media, trying to give his reasons and revealing some internal issues related to the Avellaneda club. In one of those interviews, the former president talked about his last interview with Ivan Marconecaptain of the red.

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The conversation was related to what will come at a sporting level for Independiente, an away match against Rosario Central this Wednesday evening, but the focus was on next Sunday’s classic against Racing, in the Libertadores de América, and with the doubt posed by the presence or absence of the public in the stands. Doman has no doubts: despite the delicate moment and the level difference between the teams, the Red team can be enthusiastic about a victory against the Academy.

“This is football. There are matches where a team plays that can’t beat anyone and it was right and they beat them. Independiente can beat Racing, yes. Absolutely. She is a classic, in the classics everything is left out, “said the journalist Pollo Vignolo, on ESPN.

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The context is not the most favorable for Red’s illusion. Independiente achieved only one victory in the ten games in which the tournament was held, with the peculiarity that it occurred on the first date and as a visitor. He is 25 out of 28 in the standings and 8 points behind Racing.

Beyond the numbers, Doman has faith in the players and he made Captain Marcone understand it a few hours before his departure from the presidency of the club was known.

“On Monday I spoke to Iván and I said to him: ‘God gave you the classic Sunday, take advantage of it. This team needs to win. After all that has happened to them, God gave them the classic this Sunday‘. And Iván said yes, Iván Marcone” Doman said.

Iván Marcone appealed to his fan sentiment to join Independiente.  Photo: Juan Manuel Foglia.

Iván Marcone appealed to his fan sentiment to join Independiente. Photo: Juan Manuel Foglia.

In relation to Independiente’s football present, Doman spoke of his commitment to a “young” team and acknowledged that he lacked the money to “add someone between 25 and 30, a person with First Division experience, from the center (sic), not forward but unites both sides”.

“There are young players who will do very well. They have to adapt in the First Division and unfortunately this is such a bad context for them, in every sense. As I said with the previous team, who had the last 10 good games under Julio Falcioni “, analyzed Doman, former president of the Reds but excited by his role as a fan.

Finally, he defined Rodrigo Rey, who arrived in the last transfer market, “the best goalkeeper in the league” and reiterated his belief in “many players in this team”.

Source: Clarin

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