Matías Suárez gave River one more reason to celebrate: he showed that his qualities are still intact and scored a great goal

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The ball came from left-handed Miguel Borja and Matías Suárez went looking for her in the right corner of the large area of ​​the gymnastics arch. He hit the ball high, dropping it with cadence. It was the exact time for everyone in the Monumental to stop. A work of art could be born. Suárez accompanied the movement of the ball and scored it with his right hand as if he were Roger Federer about to finish a destroy.

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What followed was a beauty: The Cordovan boxed it all the way with left handed laces and nailed it over Nelson Insfrán. And Suárez’s great goal was special, that striker in the hierarchy who was about to leave the sport at the beginning of the year due to discomfort in his right knee. That’s why the 10 players on the River field went to greet him; that’s why he melted into a big hug with coach Martín Demichelis.

Suárez needed a goal to boost his confidence. The forward has been suffering from synovitis in his right knee for years. The injury usually generates fluid in that area and this causes pain. That’s why he wasn’t featured in River’s first 9 games of the year. There was also speculation about a possible retirement from the profession. But Suárez continued, he worked in silence and with the support of his coach and teammates. He added 6 minutes against Unión and 16 against Huracán. This Thursday he came on after 24 minutes and in the final moment he equalized that great goal (he has 39 in 121 games) that made Monumental delirious.

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After the match, Suárez spoke at the press conference: “I try to make the most of every minute. It’s nice to see teamwork, I enjoy it. In all this time the people and the club have supported me a lot so that I could continue. The institution, the people and my colleagues have given me a lot. It’s exciting to see how my teammates support me” said the Cordoba striker.

“We have a very nice relationship with Martín (for Demichelis). He gave me the confidence to keep talking. One tries to thank him in some way and the goal is good for that,” he added.

And he closed with a reflection: “We speak with our colleagues and with the younger ones I tell them to be professionals to take care of themselves and avoid some injuries. Sometimes the wounds touch, as happened to me”

For his part, the coach referred to Suárez’s return to goal: “There is no doubt that Matías is a key player for us. I’m excited to see him improve because the injury he has is very annoying. He continued his fight against his own knee when he could have retired because he is a footballer with a great career. He can give us a lot. I appreciate your desire to keep going through the pain, because it’s daily. Tomorrow you have to ask him and the doctor how the knee is. Let’s hope they can last 90 minutes” Demichelis admitted.

Source: Clarin

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