Martín Demichelis’ River start has already surpassed Marcelo Gallardo’s in numbers

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Martin Demichelis should take as a result that his team is already compared to that of Marcellus Gallardo. This means that his River plays well and invites the illusion of millionaire fans. It has been said and repeated: there are issues that are related and others that push the coaches away. But the DNA is similar: they have an offensive profile and both love ambitious rosters that prevail on all fields.

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The numbers support the feeling. Just review Gallardo’s debut in the cast of Núñez, way back in July 2014 with a 0-0 draw and penalties against Ferro for the Argentina Cup, to observe that there are similarities with the current one. In some problems, it is necessary Micho and in others I lose to him Dollin this seductive and inevitable game of comparisons.

Demichelis’ start was dubious, but the coach had quick reflexes to change in time. It takes 14 matches the cycle Micho, with 11 victories and 3 defeats, with 28 goals in favor and 10 conceded, and with 9 unbeaten fences. That means, he collected 78.5 percent of the points at stake. Lucas Beltrán is the top scorer of the stage with 7 celebrations.

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Demichelis and Pinola, the pilots of the River.

Demichelis and Pinola, the pilots of the River.

Demichelis hasn’t yet measured himself against any of the so-called big teams. The most complex duels, in the previous one, were the 3-0 against Huracán at the Ducó and the painful 2-1 against Argentinos at the Monumental, a day in which the VAR clearly favored the clubs. The falls were with Belgrano, Arsenal and The Strongest, for the Copa Libertadores.

Gallardo made his debut against Ferro on 27 July 2014 in a goalless draw for the Copa Argentina. And in his first 14 duels, he won 8 and drew 6, scored 25 goals and scored 6, got 8 fences undefeated. He didn’t lose, of course. And this is a fact that gives positive to Doll: recently learned defeat in match number 23 (0-1 against Estudiantes with a goal from Diego Vera, in Núñez). The scorer in that period was the Colombian Teófilo Gutiérrez, with 8 celebrations, followed by Rodrigo Mora and Leonardo Pisculichi, with 4. The percentage of points was 71.5, a few points less than what Demichelis achieved.

Gallardo was with Cristiano Ronaldo in Saudi Arabia.  (AFP)

Gallardo was with Cristiano Ronaldo in Saudi Arabia. (AFP)

Another fact in favor of Gallardo is that in those early days he had to tackle the classics. Super against Boca was a 1-1 draw with a heartbreaking goal from Germán Pezzella, who came on in the last minutes to play forward. Also, they beat Independiente 4-1 and beat San Lorenzo 3-1. In that first half, River was crowned in the Copa Sudamericana, finished runners-up to Racing in the local tournament, and were eliminated by Rosario Central on penalties in the quarterfinals of the Copa Argentina.

“We got off to a great start, but there’s still a long way to go: we’re not even halfway through the tournament. Argentine football is very competitive and 27 points aren’t enough to be champions”Demichelis explained. Is released: “I would like the team to be a machine. I don’t compare myself to that historic River machine, but I mean the idea of ​​being dominant and aggressive in the game. We are on that road”.

Gallardo’s numbers and those of Demichelis are similar at the start, which is why there is anticipation among River fans. The current team plays well, is ambitious, defends well and has growing performances. Any resemblance to the de Gallardo River does not appear to be mere coincidence.

Source: Clarin

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