The penalty referee of the controversy in the Avellaneda classic has denounced having received threats in the last few hours

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Avellaneda’s classic continues to be talked about. The 1-1 between Independent run in the Libertadores de América is not finished yet. Continue to the media. The national director of Arbitration, Federico Beligoy, spoke first. And then it was referee Yael Falcón Pérez’s turn, who charged a controversial penalty for the Academy and He complained that he had received several threats.

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“I went with conviction to collect a penalty,” said the referee of the Avellaneda classic, who spoke on ESPN F90. And he added: “I saw that he was pushing him, he kept pushing him over the line and they both fell inside. I have a clean situation.”

This decision created problems for Falcón Pérez. Not only for the massive claims of the Independiente players and the insults of the fans. That was the minimum. “They threatened me and my family,” the referee said.

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And he added: “My family has received threats. In my house there are doctors, lawyers, I’m a teacher. We all studied, we went to university, we trained. We believe in the path of study and academic training for make things happen in this complex country. Who threaten my mother, who tell where my son is going and at what time he leaves to go to school. These situations are not good”.

And so he continued with his defense: “There’s no signal in the changing rooms, I’m not the type to answer the phone. I try to isolate myself from everything. What’s done is done. You will not compensate for anything. If you see it, you leave conditioned. You have to end up driving convinced. Who wasn’t wrong? I have seen footballers throwing the ball onto the second tray under the goal, I have seen journalists who said that Scaloni could not lead the national team and also criticized Messi. And I’ve seen referees who failed. We are all human beings“.

On the other hand, Falcón Pérez also clarified his situation with the mayor of Lanús, whose mayor is Néstor Grindettiinterim president of Independiente. The referee resigned last week from his post at the School of Municipal Football Referees at the Undersecretary of Sports of the Municipality of Lanús so that there would be no suspicions. “I have worked in schools for a long time and I started helping in a municipal school in the place where I was born, raised and currently live,” he commented.

Falcón Pérez did not dodge any question and let himself be fully involved in the controversy of the classic. Since that play which took place in the 35th minute of the first half, after a precise long pass from Jonathan Gómez, Facundo Mura took the position and was the victim of a foul by Nicolás Vallejo that left no doubts. The doubt was installed: was the push inside or outside the box? the VAR confirmed the maximum penalty, Matías Rojas took advantage of it and nailed a left-footed shot for a corner to equalize.

The game of discord in Avellaneda's classic.  Photo: TV shooting

The game of discord in Avellaneda’s classic. Photo: TV shooting

“I know it’s a complex, difficult match. You try to make decisions on the pitch and you always decide. The referees, the players, the journalists can make mistakes, we can be right, but We try to do our job with the greatest possible honor. And always respect the most precious thing we have, which is the arbitration investiture” said Falcón Pérez.

And he added: “I have conceptual clarity of the play and I have no doubts about the decision. As soon as I saw Vallejo’s infraction I immediately sanctioned it because I thought it was over the limit. Here is something unspoken. Pushing and holding are continuous movements. It’s not like she touched it and left it. The push ends when the movement ends. And when it finished, I saw it online. It is decided on the field. It’s a thousandth of a second“.

And he continued: “After that, the booth can view the picture, go frame by frame, see where the touchpoint starts and where it ends. Look at the hands and it’s on the line. The game will generate repercussions. If If a kick was charged penalty, one team complained. If a penalty was charged, the other got angry. The VAR confirms this and that’s why the decision on the pitch is ratified. “I saw he was pushing it, he kept pushing it beyond the line and both fell in. And I went with that belief to charge a fine. Because I have a clean situation.”

Beligoy’s approval

Some time before, Beligoy had supported Falcón Pérez. “The most important and crucial thing is that there is a strong and correct decision on the pitch. Falcón Pérez saw the play, he understood that it was a penalty, he clearly saw that the push extended inside the area and that the the Independiente player fell in addition to the Racing player,” said the head of the referees, who confirmed that Falcón Pérez will be the Argentine referee of the Under-20 World Cup to be held in Argentina.

Source: Clarin

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