After harming Canapino, his teammate, Callum Ilott, received ‘death threats’ from Argentina

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Agostino Canapino He got himself a nice surprise on the third date of the Indycar, which took place on Sunday in Long Beach. The man from Reef, who is competing in his first season in the American category, finished leading the race, which is unusual for a rookie. But as he was moving on, he came across a late car, that of his partner Callum Ilott, which hindered him and ended up costing him his tip. And after the race, the British driver said he received “death threats and insulting messages” on social media which, while not confirming it, came from Argentine fans, who accused him of the driver’s change of fortune Titan.

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Ilott took the situation with humor, even though both Canapino and Ricardo Juncosresponsible for Hollinger Racing rushesthe team in which the Titan runs, underlined the worrying situation that the Englishman had to live.

Genuinely shocked at the number of death threats and abuse I have received. Definitely a new record by far. I really appreciate the effort to help me learn all these new words in Spanish,” Ilott wrote on his Twitter account, accompanied by a laughing emoji, shortly after the end of the test.Now I’m going to the sea. Until we meet again“Closed, next to a drawing of a little heart.

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What had happened on the track to ignite the Argentines’ anger? When 20 laps were completed, a crash between O’Ward duck AND Scott Dixon, caused the race to be disqualified. The vast majority of cars entered the pits; but Canapino remained on track and when the race resumed four laps later, he found himself in front of the field and led the race for a lap and a half, between laps 24 and 25.

But when it looked like he was going to settle down first hand, he ran into his teammate Ilott, who was milling around the latecomers, trying to make up his shift, and ended up annoying him unintentionally. Seeing that the four-time Road Touring Champion was getting complicated, the Brazilian Helio Castroneves, who was walking behind the Argentine, tried to overtake him, grazed him and crashed the car out of the reef into the wall. Canapino blew his front left tire, lost first place and then finished 25th in the race.

Many Argentine fans blamed Ilott and the Briton’s social media accounts began to be filled with insults.

The Englishman responded first with that ironic and funny message. Although this Monday he took the matter more seriously.

“An important reminder to all new and old fans/people. Respect goes both ways. Although I am thick skinned and used to this behavior from time to time; one day it will go too far for someone who can’t handle it so well.” like the others,” he mused.

“It is unacceptable on any level and those who promote it should think seriously about the consequences of their actions. But I would like to thank everyone who has supported me, it means a lot,” he added.

Canapino came out to defend his partner. In a video he shared Chirpingthe man from the reef clarified: “Callum didn’t do anything on purpose or with intention, it just happened due to the circumstances. We are making a great team together. He is very generous with me, we have to thank him for what he helps me first of all, he What happened are things that can happen in races and there was bad luck.”

He Titan He wasn’t the only Argentine to back Ilott. There have been apologies from many network users. While, Franco Colapintopilot of the MP Motorsports of the formula 3he stated: “You don’t deserve it, mate! And most Argentines aren’t like that! You are the one who pushes the team forward and helps Canapino the most… every Argentinian fan should be thankful to have you. Next time Una Once you’re in Buenos Aires, I’ll teach you some of the beautiful words in Spanish.”

“That doesn’t help anyone… Neither Callum Ilott liked it, nor the category… Now it’s all in doubt. They don’t know if it’s us promoting him as a team or if it’s Agustín himself… It’s exactly what we didn’t have need, because it leaves us in a very complex situation,” assured Ricardo Juncos in a note with carburetion.

And he noted that some journalists “promote things on live television, when they don’t even have the ability to explain how the system works.”

The Argentine engineer referred to the former driver Martin Bridgewho was part of the team of ESPN who broadcast the race and assured on the air that Ilott had “earned 44 million enemies”, a phrase he also shared on his Twitter account.

“Clearly those who know me know that I will never stir up hatred against anyone. If it has been interpreted in this way, I apologize for it», wrote Ponte shortly after.

And immediately came Ilott’s response: “You need a certain professionalism when you’re holding a microphone that sends a message to more than 100,000 people. I advise you to think about the message you want to send to people. I advise you to educate yourself on Indycar racing and comment at a better level. Be kind please.

The next round of IndyCar – the most important single-seater category in the United States – will be held on April 30 at Barber Motorsports Park in Birmingham, Alabama.

Source: Clarin

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