‘Players…’: what Almirón had to say about insults from Boca fans before his epic comeback against Pereira

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“Players, let’s see if they lay an egg, they don’t play with anyone…”. The song that rings out on most Argentine soccer fields when a team doesn’t have to pass a streak was heard loudly this Tuesday at La Bombonera. And for Jorge Almirón, beyond Boca’s epic comeback on Deportivo Pereira from Colombia, he didn’t go unnoticed at the press conference after the 2-1 win which meant his first win as Xeneize DT.

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“It was a very difficult moment, they started singing the typical song that surely hasn’t been sung on this field for years and the team turned it around. The truth is that the mystique of this shirt and the players who wear it came out You know what the shirt represents Sometimes it’s difficult to play because we come from negative results, very few come to you and score goals, and you have to reverse the situation. It gets complicated.”he remarked.

“Cup matches are like that, special, it was won at Boca”slipped Almiron.

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“The team got up, people supported at the worst moment and we managed to bring them forward. Some players got up too. I’m happy for Alan Varela (he accompanied him to the conference) because he lost in goal, but he was lucky to return the game”said Almiron.

“This victory can be a starting point. It was a great test for the team,” said the former Lanús coach who took oxygen after a string of poor results.

The new Boca coach also referred to the young Valentín Barco, protagonist of the poignant 2-1 draw against the Bombonera: “I’m impressed by Barco’s pass (on Varela’s header), who played a great game, I’m happy for Ha scored an incredible assist and I can’t believe it, he showed serenity in training, there was no doubt about making him a starter.”

Photo: AP / Gustavo Garello.

Photo: AP / Gustavo Garello.

Almirón noted that the side went through “a difficult moment” when they lost 1-0, but remarked on “the mystique of the shirt” to turn the score around.

“The players know what this shirt represents. I ask them for something they are trying on, but luckily we have turned it around, with the mystique of this stadium. We need time to work, train and rest the players. We have a very healthy and they unloaded with this victory, the group is very united,” indicated an euphoric Almirón.

Boca will return to training this Wednesday from 10:30 in view of the match of the 13th round of the professional league on Sunday at 15:30 as a visitor to Rosario Central.

Source: Clarin

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