Valentín Barco, in an interview at the age of 9: he already declared himself a professional footballer and dreamed of Boca’s 10

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The young left-back of Mouth Valentine boat earned all the applause and recognition possible inHe xeneize in view of Pereira sports Of Libertadores Cup. The 18-year-old was the absolute leader in the comeback in The bombonera and he showed his face when the outlook had turned bleak for the team he coaches Jorge Almiron. Barca, which arose in the lower part of the set Blue and Goldhe has shown a maturity that suggests he has several fights in his career, but this is not the case and contradicts his stats as he has only 5 matches in First Division.

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As a child he ‘Colostarted his career at Club Atlético Sportivo but caught the attention of xeneizand when i played in Norberto de la Riestra Circle, from the nearby municipality May 25th. Quickly, having discovered it as a jewel for the future, the La Ribera club began carrying out the procedures to integrate it immediately into the lower leagues, with the approval of Valentín who was convinced of what he intended to achieve in the Autonomous City as a whole . His intentions at the club were clear and he was portrayed in a video made in Chivilcoywhen he played a youth tournament with the Sportivo.

Valentín Barco earned the applause of La Bombonera after his great performance against Deportivo Pereira.  EFE/Juan Ignacio Roncoroni

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Valentín Barco earned the applause of La Bombonera after his great performance against Deportivo Pereira. EFE/Juan Ignacio Roncoroni

“I used to play Riestra as a child and Negro Sánchez saw me. I told my dad to take me to try it and when I was 9 they took me and I stayed. He saw me play a game with the Sportsman in Riestra. It’s nice to get to Boca, it’s another training session. There they make you work a lot physically and then eleven-a-side football. I also like playing small football, it’s nice, “shows the interview with the footballer when he was just 9 years old, and adds:” I enjoy myself on the pitch. In Boca I take it the same but it’s a different kind of football, it’s not like here.”

At that time he was talking about adapting to the group, waiting to start playing continuously in the xeneize, and meanwhile wore the shirt with the number 10 of his club. That trial, where he claimed to admire “Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo“, that healthy football rivalry that has been taking place in Spanish football for a long time, has borne fruit and was applauded in La Bombonera.

After the long period in the lower ranks of the club and the short process he is currently experiencing in the top category of the club, Valentín is one of the jewels of the group xeneize. A dream come true for the young man, now it remains to cross off the list of him who in that interview that came to light after the recognition of the fans Xeneizes: “Let’s go for 10”warned the footballer 9 years ago.

Source: Clarin

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