What will Santiago Maratea’s landing at Independiente be like with his solidarity campaign to save the club

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What started as a joke on social networks is about to become a reality. With every piece of news that hit the battered economy of Independentsome fans started making fun on Twitter asking for help Santiago Maratea, the influencer who makes million dollar collections, to organize a move with Red as a target. But the request has stopped being a joke to become messages SOS reales that came to him privately from fans of the Avellaneda club. And the day that Fabiano Doman Unexpectedly slammed the door of the presidency, Maratea made public his intention to activate a campaign to lend a hand to the urgent institution of Avellaneda. It’s about to happen.

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“Since Sunday I’ve only received messages from Independiente fans so I’m only asking a question for the people in red, am I here to organize ourselves, collect fans and try to help one of the most important clubs in America right now?”wrote in the social network of the blue bird in which he has 457 thousand followers. On Instagram his followers rise to the colossal figure of 3.5 million.

Quickly her summons started bouncing everywhere. His reasoning was as follows: “Independiente has 6 million fans and something like 115,000 members (who pay 4,000 pesos a month). If only 2 million fans put the same thing once a member puts in every month (4,000 pesos) you get to collect 20 million of dollars and you pay off all the debt, kiss”.

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Independent, once it becomes official Nestore Grindetti as provisional president (the Assembly must elect the new head), he welcomed this initiative. From Avellaneda there were already contacts with Maratea. The lasso is vice John Marconiwho has a good relationship with the influencer.

Anyway, as far as he could tell clarionthe management doesn’t want to intrude on the crusade of Maratea. They understand that to be successful like all their campaigns they have to leave everything in their hands. In this way he will give the sign and, among other things, will certainly have much more effectiveness in summoning.

A collection for the genetic treatment of a 17-month-old child born in Uruguay is currently underway in Maratea. The goal is to raise $250,000 and in just one day he managed to add $50,000.

In his networks he comments that the idea he had with Independiente is active and he will implement it. The problem is how. “I’m still deciding whether I can, from a legal and accounting standpoint, raise that much money and pay off that much debt. As soon as I hear back, I’ll let you know” explained.

Red’s entire professional football debt, inherited from the previous management led by Hugo Moianoexceeds 23 million dollars. This includes the most voluminous, such as the $5.7 million owed to América by Mexico for Silvio Romero AND Cecilio Dominguez, which is why the club is currently banned. The judgment of Gonzalo Verona, to be resolved by the Supreme Court. The Labor Court 2 of Avellaneda ruled in favor of the footballer for more than 2,300 million pesos (about 11 million in North American currency at the official exchange rate).

The destination of the funds from the Maratea collection, when carried out, All debts will have to be paid and will be supervised by the 30-year-old influencer himself. The legal instrument is also being developed so that the institution can receive these funds. The idea is that it activates as quickly as possible. when everything is OkayMaratea will announce it on its networks.

For now he has already started to have the support of the Devil’s clubs, who are organizing to help him with the collection and let him know that he can count on them for whatever he needs. “We trust you and not the leaders”they expressed to him.

At the same time, Grindetti is pursuing the club’s project to set up a trust fund. The idea has been going on for more than three months and is ready to be implemented with the aim of attracting contributors who can inject more money.

There will be three categories of contributors: the donor, who does not expect a return on the money he puts in; the one who lends and the amount will be returned when the club is able to do so; and the one that lends and expects a return with an interest rate.

This is independent from the Maratea project. Between the two initiatives, the Rossa aims to be able to meet the most urgent debts and at the same time to free up the institution’s real resources for other matters.

Will this be the beginning of the end of Independiente’s concerns?

Source: Clarin

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