He had a small game and passed it to the goalkeeper: a rarely seen play exposed the players of Argentinos Juniors, Milito and even on TV

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the victory of Young Argentines From corinthians in Brazil he was fundamental for qualifying for the round of 16 Libertadores Cup. But despite the great match of the team led by Gabriel Militothere was an isolated move without consequences for the result, but it generated a lot of controversy and is worth revisiting.

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Because it’s one thing to play ball or know football and another to know the regulations. This idea became very clear in the 23rd minute of the first half, when Argentinos were already beating San Pablo 1-0.

santiago montielleft side of El Bicho, dominated the ball in solitude near the edge of his area and decided to play a bit and then sent a header to his goalkeeper Federico Lanzillota. The 1 controlled the defender’s pass but did not touch it with his hand, which the referee immediately did he whistled and accused Corinthians of an infringement, even ending up with a yellow card for Montiel.

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The players of the La Paternal team didn’t quite understand what was happening and went to protest to the referee Jesus Valencialawho did not respond to the complaint and dedicated himself to organizing the action so that Corinthians took the free kick.

Out of the playing field Gabriel Milito, together with the rest of the coaching staff and substitutes, they protested fervently, demanding explanations from the assistants for Valenzuela’s penalty.

The confusion was such that not even those responsible for the television broadcast were very clear on what the referee charged, reproaching the referee for having made a mistake because Lanzillota had not touched the ball with his hand.

Meanwhile, social media has begun to talk about the move, rarely seen, protesting because the La Paternal club was being damaged to the advantage of the club, the powerful Brazilian club.

Jesús Valenzuela, FIFA referee, has shown that he knows the rules.  Photo: REUTERS/Carla Carniel.

Jesús Valenzuela, FIFA referee, has shown that he knows the rules. Photo: REUTERS/Carla Carniel.

Conclusion: everyone was wrong, except the referee, who enforced the rules.

Valenzuela, who was at the Qatar 2022 World Cup representing Venezuela, a provision of the regulation is applied which, since it is almost never applied, few are aware of.

The text released every year by the IFAB is very clear and says: “Initiating an action that deliberately tries to circumvent the Rule to get the ball to the goalkeeper (even from a free kick or goal kick) with the head, chest, the knee, etc. whether the goalkeeper touches the ball with his hand or his arm. The goalkeeper will be penalized if he is responsible for initiating the action deliberately.”

In short, Valenzuela enforced the law and the move will remain a mere anecdote and a learning experience for all. The Argentine team and Montiel himself will certainly have understood after the game, accepting the referee’s action.

The young defender, cousin of Gonzalo Montiel, had been the one who had thrown the cross that had found the head of Javier Cabrera, for Bicho’s 1-0 in Brazil.

Source: Clarin

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