The big concern of Boca and Almirón: the forwards’ anemia of goals

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Luis Advincularight side, e Alan Varelladefensive midfielder, saved Mouth than a night of reproach before Pereira sports the past seas. burned the ball candy box collapsed to sheer insults and heavy chanting. There was no perceived solution to the coming football crisis on the horizon. Thus, those goals were a relief for the heartbreaking victory against the Colombians. But now the hours have passed and it’s time for analysis. And a doubt arises to the rhythm of that certainty called Valentin Barco: Why do Boca forwards find it so difficult to score goals?

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The first answer is easy: why the team plays badly, it doesn’t create dangerous situations. And it’s true, even if that lack of performance can’t explain everything. The magnifying glass is focused on Dario Ismael Benedetto, that striker who is struggling with scoring and who will now be out in 2 to 3 weeks with a grade 2 muscle injury to his right hamstring. It happens that the other strikers don’t make up for the lack of a goal from the side Tube: they don’t even put it.

The feeling, after an important part of the semester, is that Boca is missing another scorera goal-loving striker, a footballer who doesn’t need to play well to celebrate.

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The numbers don’t let you lie: Boca scored 21 goals in the 17 games played in the half-year and the forwards scored 10; that is, 47 percent of goals are scored by forwards. The comparison with River is inevitable: of the 33 goals scored in the 16 duels played by Martín Demichelis’ cast, 21 were by his scorers (63%; the top scorer is Lucas Beltrán, with 7).

Jorge Almirón has a lot of work ahead of him.  Photo: EFE/Juan Ignacio Roncoroni

Jorge Almirón has a lot of work ahead of him. Photo: EFE/Juan Ignacio Roncoroni

Despite the sharp decline, Boca’s scorer is Benedetto, with 4 goals in 11 duels (3 against Patronato in the final of the Argentina Super Cup and the rest against Olimpo for the Argentina Cup). Who follows him is Luca Langoni, with 3 celebrations in 14 games.

But if the analysis is more global, one will come to the conclusion that Boca have strikers with few goals in their squad, except Benedetto. It happens that now the Tube He will be out for a couple of weeks due to injury and it is even possible that he will miss the classic match against River on 7 May.

Benedetto’s goal average for Boca is one goal every 1.9 games thanks to his 65 celebrations in 128 duels. who follows him, Luca Langoni, he yells every 3.5 games (10 out of 35). Then, the rest of the attackers have too much trouble converting: Norberto Briasco needs 9.25 games to score (4 goals in 37 games), Nicolás Orsini 12 (3 in 36), Sebastián Villa 5.8 (28 in 163), Exequiel Zeballos 10 (5 in 50), Luis Vázquez 6.3 (13 in 83), Gonzalo Moralez 4.5 (2 in 9) and Miguel Merentiel 7.5 (2 in 15). The feeling is that Boca lacked reinforcements with a striker to secure the goal.

Next Sunday, Boca visits the tough guys Rosary CenterHim. There Almirón will decide who will replace the injured Benedetto. And there the chosen one will have the opportunity to score and make people forget the goals that don’t come from Tube.

Source: Clarin

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